What is the best way to re-populate your gut flora?

Answered on December 27, 2014
Created September 15, 2012 at 7:23 PM

I came across these articles while trying to research gut flora and antibiotics:

  1. http://www.globalhealthclinics.co.nz/weight-management-slimming/118-antibiotics-linked-to-obesity

  2. http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/20120726194302data_trunc_sys.shtml

  3. http://drysdaleosteopathy.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/gut-microbe-swap-changes-eating-habits/,


So I have some questions about gut flora:

  1. How do you know if your gut flora is healthy or not? What are the signs?

  2. Can probiotics alone re-populate your gut flora or do you need fermented foods, kefir, etc.

  3. What is the best way to re-populate it? A combination of diet-probiotics-fermented foods? Can water kefir provide a replacement for fermented foods?

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on December 27, 2014
at 12:27 AM

I consider good ACV as the number one inoculator, and now (since I make it myself) I will occasionally eat a tablespoon of mother (very vinegary). Sauerkrauts are a sure #2, although I make krauts with just about any vegetable, and end up eating a lot of daikon krauts and beet krauts. The only problem with krauts is the salt. Also at #2 I would consider homemade cured olives (which are quite salty too). Kimchi, yogurt, kombucha and natto have shortcomings one way or another. Lots of foods acts as prebiotics, I like most roots, apples, rice and well cooked beans.


on December 26, 2014
at 04:53 AM

According Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of GAPS, it is not yet discovered if ingested bacteria can colonize on our gut walls.  It is currently thought that it MUST be done at birth, or the person will suffer life-long illness as a result of not getting it- if that person does not consume probiotics on a daily basis. 

Taking probiotics daily will help your digestion and immune system immensly.  Even if they don't colonize, they will kill infections in the stomach and gut before they pass through.  Enteric coated is inadvisable.  Please read GAPS for lots more info. 

Fermented foods are highly recommended with every meal.  Taking a great probiotic supp is good enough as well, but more expensive and it lacks all the extra vitamins and essential enzymes your body needs- unless of course your probiotic contains enzymes and such.  I personally take Garden of Life Raw probiotics for men when I can't eat ferments, as I feel they are the best. 

Compromised gut flora can be expressed as countless health isssues that are almost always misdiagnosed.  Disease starts in the gut.  Skin conditions are common, neurological conditions from memory to depression, adhd to schizophrenia and worse, indigestion, ulcers, infections of any kind (being sick at all is from infections), toxicity, any Autoimmune disease, and much much more. 

Candida albicans is a yeat normal to your gut habitat, kept in check is fine, out of control will cause numerous conditions like sleep issues and brain fog. It only gets out of control, of course, if your gut flora is not healthy enough. Same with any organism (parasites, viruses, bacteria).  There is an informal test, where if you expectorate (spit) into a glass of water when you first wake up, and notice the saliva drooping down, then its possible you have an candida infection.  It is very common, seeing as most Americans have a compromised gut.

Parasites cause many many "diseases" commonly misdiagnosed.  Diabetes type 1, I've read in several books, is caused by a parasite that enters the pancreas and the immune system is unable to kill it, instead attacking the pancreatic beta cells (that the worm mimics), which produce insulin, thereby eventually shutting down sufficient insulin production. (Auto-immune disease). 

Fermented water kefir, with enough strains is a good alternative.  But I would say its not enough as a sole permanent solution.  Ideally you'd want different sources with many different probiotics.  The probiotic aforementioned is easy to get lots of strains with and less a headache if you feel fermenting is a chore.  I like to use the pills as a starter for ferments.

Last note:  Anitbiotics destroy your gut and your health, and the damage could be irreversable.  They're not worth it.  Take probiotics, drink lots of water, and eat less sugar and carbs, and for many: dairy and wheat.  Your body knows how to heal.  All you got to do is help it, not poison it.

Best wishes and good health,

Steve Becotte



By the way, it is solely the mother that innoculates the baby with a strong or weak immune system that affects the rest of the baby's life- immensely.  Through the birth canal, the infant is innundated with bacteria from the mother, and thus begins the childs immune system and colonization of his or her gut.

A Cesarean section birth bypasses this gift of health and the child will be born sterile, completely vulnerable to every pathogen and bacteria, and will undoubtedly be colonized by these harmful species of bacteria instead of beneficial ones.  Or simply an unhealthy mother without a strong immune system will pass on more harm than good the very moment of birth and the child needn't wait to exposed to more harmful bacteria.  He/she will immediately be suffering.  Your child will be sick all the time, and unable to digest most foods properly, including infant formulas (which are a pathetic excuse for mothers milk).  Your child is greatly susceptible to damage (especially neurological) from vaccines.  And sad to say, your child has a high probability of developing neurolical conditions early in life regardless, but at some point nontheless.

I hope more mothers will take more responsibily for their health and the health of their child, or future generations will suffer more and more. 

Please see Body Ecology by Donna Gates.


Start with yourself.  :)




on December 26, 2014
at 04:01 PM

Time and a healthy diet full of plant-matter. 

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