Increased energy after starting probiotics?

Commented on June 15, 2013
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Has anybody experience a dramatic increase in energy after starting probiotics? I finished a bottle of enymedica Pro-bio about 5 days ago. About noon on the day I first started this product I noticed I had a lot of energy- energy like I haven't had in 20 years (I'm 47)! I've been feeling great for the last month. About 5 days ago I finished the bottle and it's taken me a few days to replace it. My energy has been waning since. I resupplied with a different probiotic (thought I should "switch it up") and have taken it a for a few days now but have not had the energy surge like I had with the Pro-Bio. Any thoughts on this? I'm beginning to think the Pro-Bio is a miracle for me or, I'm they've put some sort of stimulant in the Pro-Bio. Do you respond differently to different probiotics?





on June 15, 2013
at 03:58 AM

I'm not seeing anything too special in those pills that would do that. Maybe your flora was out of whack, and you're now getting more juice out of your food. 'Without intestinal flora, humans cannot break down the polysaccharides in their diet, which are one of the principal sources of energy for the brain.'

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