Constipation from probiotics

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 08, 2012 at 1:11 PM

Can anyone knowledgeable about this comment on it? Cultured dairy has always caused constipation for me, buttermilk being the worst. I have no problems with non-cultured dairy in any way. I've been making my own raw sauerkraut for the probiotics and that's been fine until now. I am getting constipation from it as well though more mild than from the cultured dairy. I plan on staying with the sauerkraut but not eating it daily and see how that works. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



on April 08, 2012
at 03:39 PM

Just salt. Good question.


on April 08, 2012
at 01:50 PM

Have you been using whey to ferment your sauerkraut or just salt?

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2 Answers


on April 23, 2012
at 04:02 AM

Perhaps your system is overwhelmed by the all the good bacteria, creating a die-off reaction from an overabundance/imbalance of bad bacteria. A sudden worsening of symptoms are common, including constipation (even while increasing probiotics), because the bad bacteria/yeasts/fungi are releasing toxins as they are eliminated. Just Google about Candida die-off, and you'll see constipation as a symptom. Maybe you could stick with the dairy/fermented veggies for a little while, just add them slowly to reduce severity of die-off. Notice if it eventually gets better/worse and go from there...remember, you know your own body best!



on April 08, 2012
at 03:23 PM

Maybe you have a food allergy. I loved yogurt and taking probiotic pills but I found that when I ate them, I couldn't crap at all. Found out I was sensitive to dairy. Goodbye dairy...goodbye eggs too :sniff:

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