Been in labor for 15 hours now...

Commented on August 28, 2012
Created August 05, 2012 at 10:59 PM

... and we're still just chugging along at home. Strong enough and painful enough to keep me up and keep me from resting well, but not nearly strong enough to send us in to the hospital to have this baby.

Been squatting, walking, taking baths, doing acupuncture every few days, foot rubs, eating good food in small amounts to keep my energy up, and doing every other "safe" old wives tale... I'm 40 weeks 2 days.

anyone have any ideas? I need to get this baby OUT before I'm so exhausted I have no choice but to get an epidural just to sleep. My first baby was an 80 hour labor and I was delirious after 72 hours and couldn't speak in coherent sentences... I would like to avoid that this time around!



on August 28, 2012
at 03:57 PM

SO! I had my baby after almost 50 hours of labor. Managed to avoid pain meds and have a natural birth, which was horrifically painful. 9 lbs 6 oz, 21 in and 15 inch head circumference! But Patrik, just FYI, I received some private emails about this thread while I was in labor, and they contained VERY helpful info and links. Early labor does not mean "go in a cave and shut yourself off from the world." I wasn't mindlessly surfing. I was seeking help, which thankfully, even though this thread was closed, I got.



on August 07, 2012
at 02:03 AM

Of course she should be focusing on her baby but she came on here for help and advice, not just to mindlessly surf the net, Patrik! I'm guessing she is in advanced stages now but I have heard the best advice is just to walk, walk, walk.



on August 06, 2012
at 12:21 AM

Sara - I know a girl who is addicted to Korean dramas (like me). She was in the delivery room and her sister brought a laptop so she could watch the drama between contractions. Is there any comedy that will make you laugh really hard? I love Naked Gun series! Good luck!!!



on August 06, 2012
at 12:12 AM

I had a friend who just gave birth, after laboring for 60 hours. I don't know how she did it. I think after a few hours I'd be trying to reach my own hands up inside there and pull the damn thing out.


on August 05, 2012
at 11:58 PM

hi i know this is closed, but i just like to say that women need calcium during labor (specialy if it's a long one), because if the calcium reserves you have been saving up during pregnacny get to low you will get exhausted very quickly. taking calcium also helps with the pain.. google it!! and this IS a legitamit question..



on August 05, 2012
at 11:41 PM

@Patrik - how could you do it to a woman in labor!?! The person needs some relief from all that hospital stuff! Those cruel, cruel guys - you don't know how much it takes to type on the computer while pushing the baby out. I hope an umbrella will get stuck in you at some point and you will try to pull it out while accidentally opening it. She has a legitimate question - anyone has any ideas how to push this baby out the Paleo way? I have a suggestion - go to a sauna. That's how my mom had me.



on August 05, 2012
at 11:39 PM

Hah! Early labor is funny like that - the contractions aren't fun, but you can't just stop your life for three or four days. Thought this forum might be helpful as there are many natural birth advocates here.



on August 05, 2012
at 11:30 PM

I just died a little inside.



on August 05, 2012
at 11:20 PM

Sarah- pm me & I can send you to some resources.



on August 05, 2012
at 11:19 PM

Sarah, I closed this as you should be concentrating on your baby. You are ordered to stay away from PaleoHacks. Thanks.

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