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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 04, 2012 at 2:10 AM

I've been looking online at bumper plates and bars. If you've bought weights for your home gym I'd like to hear about your experience. I've looked at Rogue, Muscle Driver, Again Faster, Wright Rubber, and Get Rx'd so far. I'm curious after all is said and done which one is truly the best value? I would measure value as Great Price, Great Quality and Great Customer service, but I understand it is almost impossible to get all three. If I had to settle on a purchase like this I think I'd want to get at least a Great quality and price. Where did you find the greatest buy on your plates? I live in California if that has any bearing (which it will in considering the final cost.)

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on February 19, 2012
at 03:56 AM

I bought a Rogue bar (Castro), which I like, and some Kraiburg bumper plates, which are too thick if you want to load a lot of weight (+400#) on the bar for deadlifts. You can't fit enough plates on the bar. I solved that by buying two 100# cast iron plates. Better quality bumpers like Pendlays are thinner for any given weight, and won't give you this problem.



on February 04, 2012
at 06:53 PM

I got my husband set up with a garage gym as an xmas present, though I use it just as much, so I guess it was a present for me too. :) Price was a big big consideration, and I ended up going with the cheapest bumpers on the Sorinex site, ordered on black friday when they had a free shipping special. I went with a barbell off of amazon (this one: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001K4OPY2/ref=pe_175190_21431760_cs_sce_dp_1) that seems to be pretty much exactly like the bars we used regularly when we had a crossfit gym membership. We're not exactly trying to set PRs on the squat snatch or anything, we just both want to lift heavy a few times a week to be healthy, and maybe throw in a few short chipper workouts on occasion. I'd call us both "advanced beginners" in powerlifting, since we spent a few years training regularly at two pretty well respected crossfit gyms, and this setup has been working great for us. Definitely the biggest price factor is the shipping cost, as you've probably noticed. :)


on February 04, 2012
at 01:20 PM

Best value on bumpers was through csnstores.com on mdusa plates. There's a thread on crossfit forum with ten% off codes. Also by ordering over the phone I was able to get free shipping on my order.I got a pendlay elite competition plates at $1.75 pet lb shipped. I also got the nexgen bearing bar for $350.

GetRxd sells one similar for 120 that id buy now if I were looking. their prices can't be beat, and I got a prowler from them so can attest to good quality.

Trump card for all of this is if you got a supplier near you to cut shipping costs.



on February 04, 2012
at 08:54 AM

Neptunebarbell.com their starter packages cannot be beat.....Troy VTX colored bumpers and bar (240lbs) for around $500 and free shipping also the Pendalay Econo bumpers are sweet too.......look those up at wayfair.com



on February 04, 2012
at 02:20 AM

I found an old (1970's era) York training bar 5-6 years ago at a 2nd hand store (Play it again Sports). I bought 300kg of bumpers from Glenn Pendlay's site, the stinky composite rubber bumpers.

It's worked out well, that York bar is my most favorite bar in the world, and I've trained on, and competed with Eleiko's, Useaka's, and Werksan bars. It might be smooth from use, and it may not spin with the "zzzzzzzz" that an Eleiko or Useaka does, but it's still great.


on March 18, 2013
at 06:55 PM

Coupon Code for $10 OFF Bar & Bumper Sets at neptunebarbell.com



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