How do you recover after a workout? BCAAs?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 10, 2013 at 2:59 PM

What are the pros and cons of BCAAs? I have adrenal fatigue and the only thing that helps after workouts to keep me going through the week used to be protein drinks, but I've stopped those and there are not really any good paleo protein mixes with BCAAs that help and don't make me feel terrible, bloated, sick, etc., because of all of the crap added... help? I've been eating some protein and fruit after workouts but nothing helps me the next day like the good ol' processed and junk-added protein powders with the dreaded soy.

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on July 10, 2013
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If you're consuming whole proteins from animal sources, you are getting BCAAs. They are just 4 of the spectrum of Amino Acids. If you eat meat, or have a whey protein shake, you're already getting BCAAs.

So for example, you could just find clean protein, say something mixing your own whey formula from a place like proteinfactory.com to your needs, or better yet, just eat a steak for a post workout meal.

I get the cheap BCAAs from puritan.com, the unflavored ones and add them to bulletproof coffee, but I only use these on fast days.

BCAAs just signal muscles to grow, or at least not shrink when you're fasting. The down side is that they are insulogenic, so if you're doing a fast, it can have a slight detrimental effect since you want to limit insulin response, but something like 15grams total spread out over 2-3x a day where you eat nothing else isn't going to have much of a detrimental effect.

Take a look at some of the adrenal support stuff as well. Things like extra salt, licorice, going higher with glucose containing carbs, holy basil, ashwaganda, meditation, etc.

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