Poop just 2 times a week

Answered on March 06, 2015
Created January 18, 2015 at 11:53 AM

Hi, it's about 6 months that I'm on PDH/paleo diet. From when I started to follow this type of diet I've dramatically reduced the times I poop weekly and the consistency seems fine, I rarely feel constipated. Is it normal? I was used to poop every morning right after breakfast.

The last 18 days I've followd the autoimmune paleo and almost nothing has changed in that context.

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on March 06, 2015
at 05:07 PM

There are a couple different approaches to this question. The answer to "is it normal" is yes. If "normal" is the average for most people, then normal ranges from 3x daily to twice a week. But if the question is "is it healthy", then the answer is not so much. When food stays in our intestines too long, subtances that are supposed to be eliminated can be absorbed back into the bloodstream and cause problems. Ideally for health, food should take 12 to 24 hours to digest fully. Are you eating fermented foods? These foods are naturally high in probiotics. If not, then supplementing with a good probiotic may be very helpful for you. Since I started taking Prescript-Assist, I went from pooping 2 - 3 times a week to daily. This is one of the few supplements I take daily out of all the supplements we sell. Check it out on Nourishing World here.


on March 06, 2015
at 10:54 AM

Although it does seem a little sparse if you feel fine that might just be how you are.

you could try taking a little bit of magnesium citrate (magnesium supreme on Amazon) and work up to bowel tolerance of you going once a day.

If you feel a lot better on that then you'll have a better idea of if something is wrong.



on January 18, 2015
at 08:51 PM

All depends on what you're eating. Though I can't imagine eating the recommended pounds of veggies per day and not going once a day. 


on January 19, 2015
at 09:04 AM

I've always been used to eat veggies, mainly at lunch and dinner, and since I started the PHD diet I've also increased the daily intake.

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