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Answered on October 02, 2013
Created October 02, 2013 at 2:27 PM

Let's talk poop. This might be TMI for some but my wife is apparently having an issue breaking down food. Small chunks for veggies are visible in her bowl movements. She's also hungry all of the time, which may or may not be related.

Any thoughts?

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on October 02, 2013
at 03:43 PM

First line of defense is digestive enzymes. A company called "now" makes one I trust and use. See link below and I suggest taking them up on the "Frequently Bought Together" offer since the betaine can be a very helpful addition when eating meats or lots of fat.


Understand that digestive enzymes should not be used long term - just to get the body kick started back into dealing with food on its own. Long term over-use of enzymes can weaken the natural process as the body becomes reliant on the external sources of digestive aids.

Second line of defense is kefir (I prefer the goat kefir I get from Sprouts), yogurt, and MOST IMPORTANTLY fermented veggies such as sauerkraut or kimchi. Make sure it's not the industrial stuff. I trust Bubbies Saurkraut - it's pure fermented cabbage with no added vinegar and says right on the jar that it's full of live and active cultures. Lots of fermented veggies these days are mass produced with added vinegar and acids with zero live cultures (ie it's not really fermented, just preserved.)

Third line of defense is probiotic supplements. Do your research on these but I've had good results with some Asian company named after a doctor that comes in a green-decorated box which was suggested on this website. Can't remember the name sorry - "Dr. H___"? These should also not be considered a long-term solution but can safely be used as a periodic re-seeding. It's not as bad as enzyme dependence.

In the short term, I'd also back off on the veggies and make sure she chews them thoroughly in moderation while the body adjusts. Try a green smoothie along with the probiotics to get the nutrients out of the greens and jump start the good bacteria.



on October 02, 2013
at 03:23 PM

Possibly lack of bacteria/acids in the gut. Try home-made yogurt (the industrial stuff is sub-par), or other lactic fermentation probiotics such as kombucha.

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