No Pooping After Carb Refeeds on Keto

Commented on March 06, 2014
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Title says it all -

I have a history of gut issues (leaky gut, suspecting SIBO, bloating, etc) and found that a keto diet kept the bloating away and BM's regular. I'm currently doing Lyle Mcdonald's PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) where basically you eat enough protein to maintain your muscle mass and are in keto because your body is burning your own fat versus added dietary fat in a traditional keto diet. I'm doing heavy weight training 2x a week to prevent muscle loss.

I've nearing the end of two weeks on this diet and am feeling pretty good albeit hungrier and a little weaker towards the end of the week because of the massive caloric deficit. The diet necessitates a refeed every 7th day within a 5 hour window.

Last week I did my refeed with around 150 grams of starchy carbs (sweet potato) The whole day I felt so tired-even more so than I had been feeling the days leading up to the refeed. Just sluggish and kinda depressed. The days leading up to the refeed my BM's had been relatively constant, like once a day or once every two days. Now it's been 4 days counting my refeed day where I haven't gone!

What's the issue here? Too many carbs at once? Too much starch? Sudden reintroduction of high volume of carbs freaking my gut flora out? And how do I prevent this from happening in the ensuing weeks? I have already lost a nice amount of weight ~9 pounds but have been really bloated these past few days since the refeed.



on March 06, 2014
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When i reintroduce starch, even 1 small sweetpot, the next day i feel tired, slow, loss of mental sharpness, but no constipation. The texture of starch can be lovely, but it's not worth it imo. If i eat something like ice cream or chocolate i don't get that sluggish feeling the next day for some reason, maybe because the sugar just burns off faster than a slow releasing starch. I don't think i eat similar to you in general though, i eat a lot of dietary fat, not interested in weight loss, and i restrict protein not just carbs. I'd say you ate too much too quickly for a LCer

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