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Answered on June 06, 2016
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Hello all. I have a question for all of you experienced people out there. To make a long story short I am trying to lean out. I am fairly muscular and firstly lean, but I am really trying to rid myself of the last bit of unhealthy fat I'm carrying as well as wanting to adjust my diet to get away from feeling bloated and miserable. My idea is to try Paleo!!! I am excited to try this diet and lifestyle as I feel I will love it. I need advice on how to spilt up my macros. I have been accustomed to a high carb high protein diet and I am a fairly strong person as well. I strength train extremely hard 4 days a week with hard conditioning after each session. I am very active also outside of the gym. How should I structure my macros for this on the Paleo diet. I know I am aiming for good fats, lean meats, and lots of veggies, but should I be taking in some different denser carbs around my workouts to keep this up? Any advice will be helpful as I am very new to this. Thank you all in advance!

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on June 06, 2016
at 09:27 PM

I can't give you explicit advice on macro ratios but I remember another paleo peep of significant experience pointing out that when he stuck to the high fat diet, he ate more calories because fatty foods tend to pack more calories by volume and he tended to eat the same volume regardless of calories. I'm the same way. The person I mention, who was male incidentally, ended up, after much experimentation going with a 30:30:30 or so ratio, so basically an even ratio of protein, fat, and carbs. And, it worked very well for him in his efforts to lean out. What gender are you? I ask because it seems there is a difference between men and women in this regard especially when you get down to those last tricky 10 lbs. I'm female, in my 40s, and found I had to back off on the fat to get the last 10 to drop off. Unfortunately, I gained them back but I don't blame the reduced fat for that but rather too much overeating. At the end of the day, even though all calories are not equal, too many calories are still too many calories. Many women who go paleo also find that they have to ditch dairly completely (except for butter). For more information, I suggest googling and incorporating "marks daily apple forum" into your search terms. There is quite a bit of information about this on those forums, and the person I reference above goes by the handle "ChocoTaco369" so you can also look for his posts. You can also search the regular part of the website, Mark's Daily Apple, as well as I believe Mark has addressed this issue in blog posts. Last note: paleo does not prescribe lean meats. You can eat fatty meat while doing paleo as saturated fat found in animal fat is no longer considered to be unhealthy. Just factor it in to your ratios when you eat it. Hope that helps and sorry it was more granular than that.

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