so. I need help figuring a way to have food on hand on a supet busy schedule

Answered on June 21, 2014
Created June 18, 2014 at 6:17 PM

So since I've started back to school I've gained back at least 15-20 lbs I lost....grr...

So I need a way or a meal that's simple and won't get mushy or go bad.

I'm only ever home like maybe 3 times a week...between work and class...

So of course I would have to make meals for 2-3 days in advance. ..I have a cooler in my car...

Just miss eating right and esp miss working out...going to try and fit that back on somewhere. ...I've gone from too much free time to no free time. ..honestly my hats off to all those single parents who do this on top of raising a kid. I'm happily single and kid free and its still kicking my arse!!



on June 19, 2014
at 06:52 PM

When I went commuted to school all day I had the opposite problem, I would lose weight :/ Grr, jealous. It helps me to find paleo-ish options when I'm out. But more importantly, you need to watch your simple carbs and fat levels when you go out all day and balance that appropriately with your physical activity on any given day. GL.

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on June 21, 2014
at 04:23 AM

This thing is pretty cool, for the ability to cook a meal on the go without electricity.


Throw some rice in there, a little water, some eggs, and you've got fried rice ready to go.

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