belly button piercing lump.

Answered on September 23, 2012
Created September 23, 2012 at 8:23 AM

I've got my belly button pierced since july and since then it healed so good and my friend had just got hers done a bit after me and she had been on holiday and hers had healed with all the chemicals in the swimming pools, the piercer said we could go swimming anytime with it anyway. I've been to a swimming party and swimming in the holidays and it was fine and it was healing and a couple of weeks I changed it a couple of times because it was healing so great and my friend had changed hers and hers was fine too, but when I was getting changed one morning I noticed a bump just a bit smaller than the top ball on my bar the bump was pinkish and redish in colour, I keep washing it slightly with salt water and cotton buds once a day so it soaks, but the bump was still there a couple of days later and it started to get quite sore and now its quite bad and it stings a bit and hurts, on the internet it tells me to just keep cleaning it so I do gently but I don't know if I should be treating it with some sort of cream or something???

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on September 23, 2012
at 12:01 PM

Go to the doctor. Sounds like an abscess or infection. Cream wont cut it at this point... You may need it drained and/or an antibiotic...

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