How do you do this as a picky eater?

Asked on April 30, 2018
Created April 30, 2018 at 7:05 PM

Hello! I've been eating Paleo for 2 weeks now. I know that's not a very long time. I haven't stepped on a scale, but I'm bigger now than when I started because my clothes are so much tighter. I have a feeling I'm relying too much on strawberries and cashews to make it through the day. Since I've given up dairy and sugar and grains and potatoes, that leaves very little for someone who doesn't love meat, eggs, and many fruits, and most veggies. I know, suck it up, try new recipes. All of that. I do. Constantly. NO matter how many ways I try to cook sweet potatoes (experimenting with that in particular long before i decided to go Paleo) there still is no way I've cooked them where I like them. Each time I sit down to a meal that I made with such care, it's not enjoyable because even though I'm hopeful that maybe this will be the way I will like whatever particular food I've made, I just don't. I still eat, but I certainly don't look forward to any of it, so I look forward to a snack later of strawberries or a handful of nuts. But even that is boring me now. I keep seeing things like eating meats for breakfast. I can't even imagine that. It's not my favorite thing to eat even at dinner! But to wake up to meat?! That's such an appalling idea to me. I've learned to eat eggs ok, but still, to have eggs every day. That's just the worst. I sound like a child, and believe me, I've forced myself to get used to so many foods and I never turn down an oppotrunity to try something, even if I never liked it before, in hopes that this will be the way I actually like it. I work very hard on this, I really do. Am I the only picky eater?



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