how to get out of physiological resistance

Answered on August 10, 2014
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ive been in ketosis for 8 months now, 15g fibrous carb grams, 50-60g protein and a whole lot of fat, macreal, macadamia nuts, lots of coconut oil and spoons of mct oil. In the early first few months i enjoyed this state, my gym performance suffered but my mental focus was unreal, i felt really happy. This didn't last long and i also gained 10-15 pounds. I read the book the art and science of low carb performance and this kept me motivated. I want to up my carbs but i feel like apsolute crap when i eat any carbs, i tried 3 days at 150g carbs with no exercise and felt horrible, sometimes if i increase my carbs in the morning my blood sugar is through the roof till i eat , then i feel like i have a huge crash even if i eat something like an avocado. I also get intense inflamation, i feel trapped and want to get out of this state. Can anyone give me advice on carbs. Thankyou

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on August 10, 2014
at 04:17 AM

Have you considered trying small amounts of resistant carbs (cooked then cooled overnight, then reheated parboiled or Basmati rice, cooked, cooled white potatoes, green bananas, etc.) first, to get your colon repopulated to better deal with the other carb intake?

The resistant carbs should not spike your blood sugar, (some peeps say they even stay in ketosis with them), but they will start feeding the bacteria in your colon that may have dwindled off while you have been in VLC.

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