What do you think of this post by Danny Roddy comparing Paul Jaminet and Ray Peat?

Commented on January 18, 2012
Created January 18, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Did you read this? And what are your thoughts on it?


Its suppose to be a compare and contrast of Paul Jaminet (Perfect Health Diet) and Ray Peat.

Instead, it starts off calling Jaminet 'the bomb' then directing you to 'thebomb.com' which, other than flagging you via NDAA by the Department Of Defense, brings you to a website with the first link being 'pedalphile', which is grossly close to pedophile which brings you to a page to buy t-shirts that say things like 'One Less Republican'.


Moving on, Danny says ' Paul's recommendations hover around 150 grams while Peat usually recommends 180-250 grams, but he himself eats closer to ~400 grams ' (of carbohydrate in the form of simple sugars fructose-glucose).

Which, to me, is just another reason not to listen to too much of what Dr Ray Peat has to say, or is that Danny putting his diet in there, Who really knows?

And that is really it folks. The rest of the article is about an interview with 'Jimmy' who is Jimmy Moore and Dr Peat, or is it Paul?' its all very convoluted.

Who are these people?

Well, DannRoddy is a guy who promotes a hair loss book and drinks 1/2-1 gallon of Orange Juice per day and claims to have lost 20 lbs doing so. (COUGH)

Paul Jaminet is not at thebomb.com, he is at http://perfecthealthdiet.com/

Dr. Peat recommends you do one thing while he does another or was that Dannys words? (regardless) he recommends drinking sugar water, eating ice cream, keeping blood sugar levels high, and advises that veggies are toxic.



on January 18, 2012
at 11:06 PM

Yes, I asked if people read it, since its in a banner at the top of PaleoHacks.



on January 18, 2012
at 11:05 PM

Are you asking a question Bill?

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