Is it common to get headaches after eating conventional pesticide ridden vegetables?

Answered on January 09, 2015
Created January 02, 2015 at 11:46 PM

I've bought some conventional cabbage from walmart and every time I eat a cabbage salad I get headaches afterwards, same with canned smoked sardines.

I imagine it's an effect from the pesticides as I rarely ever get headaches.

Is this common?

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3 Answers

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on January 03, 2015
at 12:18 AM

Cabbage and canned sardines… and it's the pesticides? Don't get caught up in the hysteria. 

A very loose guess: histamines/tyramines in your food (these are naturally occuring compounds). 

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on January 03, 2015
at 12:25 AM

 I figure it's the bpa residue from the canned sardines. Also happens every time.



on January 03, 2015
at 12:55 AM

BPA doesn't cause these types of effects (or any effects really!) Heck, it doesn't even get absorbed all that well through the GI tract. Look at the foods themselves before blaming "contaminants". 

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on January 09, 2015
at 08:25 PM

Try cooking your cabbage instead of eating it raw. I've tried juicing cabbage before, out of curiosity, and I got a killer headache every time that lasted hours.


on January 06, 2015
at 05:39 PM

I have never heard of anyone having a reaction to pesticides or BPA.  Those things aren't good for you but I don't think the body reacts like that.

There have been links between migranes and BPA (though like many studies they sound a little ridiculous, injecting rats with high levels of BPA), but that isn't a eat-BPA-have-a-headache reaction but rather what they believe is a buildup of BPA.

As Matt_11 noted, cabbage and smoked fish are both high in histamines, that looks like a more logical answer.

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