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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 16, 2012 at 5:42 PM

Post your story here. Don't be afraid to write a book. I love listening to people's stories. This is mine ...

... as a boy, I used to be very shy. Silent, actually. Never said a word, unless I had to. Fortunately, people thought I just was an extremely intelligent guy that didn't need to speak to say things. I played along. Only close friends and family knew I wasn't silent because I only said smart things. It was a very strange experience : random people respecting me, my family trying to understand me.

Then I went to university. On a potato-chips-french-fries-meat diet with 2 liters of beer daily, I only thought about 2 things : girls and muscles. Never had stress, did everything I wanted and felt great. I made friends easily, and spent most of my times watching movies with them.

During the second year though, I started to like pizza more and more, and people seemed to stop respecting me. Only 1 year after, (after lots of ridiculous different low-fat diets), I ate meat and coconut oil and understood paleo was what I had to do. Now comes the wicked part. Several things started to change : people had respect for me again. I practically lost my shyness (!). My financial issues completely vanished : I was able to develop lots of products in extremely short periods, and started to earn more than I ever had. I am always right when I have a discussion with others, as my mind is very clear and calm (probably not completely true).

People always talk about diet and their physical appearance here : muscles, less body fat, better skin, better hair, better nails, ... I very much doubt that's why you still do this diet. Of course I want a good appearance, but honestly, it's my brain that I'm doing this for. I don't care if I get old very fast and die early. I want to create. Make awesome, beautiful things. And paleo has helped tremendously with that. Why do you think nobody understands why I do this extreme diet?

Finally, I want to talk about a very personal issue I had. Hopefully nobody I know will read this. But what the hell, my story has to be heard. I used to have exhibitionism problems. And I know I wasn't the only one. Some of my relatives too, though they didn't realize I knew. I hated every second of it. But I had to. Never felt that urge again (only once, on a zero carb diet). Please don't judge me :). Hormones are a bitch.

So, what's your story?



on January 17, 2012
at 08:24 AM

Somewhere in there, I also found out my thyroid was low, and I medicate for it and it's a lifesaver. I'm open to that might change, if I get my gut healed and my nutrients balanced. I believe my migraines, while infrequent, are more related to my structural troubles than food.



on January 16, 2012
at 08:00 PM

Hey! I would RESPECT anybody named Bruno! My auto-spell struck again! Now Bruno's gonna come beat me up for threatening to resection him! HELP!!!



on January 16, 2012
at 07:49 PM

This totally a Q&A, the before and after photos were considered a "question". It's a nice change to see that some is not asking a question because of an issue they want hacked.



on January 16, 2012
at 07:47 PM

I would resection ANYBODY named Bruno - regardless of looks - if my name weren't Hugo. :)



on January 16, 2012
at 06:57 PM

Why is my question not Q&A?



on January 16, 2012
at 06:42 PM

Isn't this supposed to be strictly Q&A? Or maybe that's changed and I didn't get the memo.



on January 16, 2012
at 05:58 PM

hopefully I will be able to post a successfull story in the future. At the moment though, it's not a good one.

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on January 18, 2012
at 10:24 AM

I'm 51.

I have never read a paleo diet book. I was already on the "Paleo diet" before I had even heard about it. I just didn't know it.

As a kid I hated milk. I only had dairy as milk on breakfast cereal or as a litte cheese now and again. When I was 18 I was persuaded by others that milk would be very healthy for me so I started drinking it but could only manage it ice cold otherwise the taste would make me gag.

I had trouble breathing through my nose, almost constant mucus in my throat and an almost constant cough. My doctor told my mother that my cough was not as bad as it sounded and that it was just the shape of my throat that made it sound bad! I was just a kid so I believed it. I had my adenoids removed at about 12 or 13 years old. This was supposed to help me breathe through my nose easier. It didn't help much.

In my late teens I started getting a lot of acid reflux. I did what most people do and took antacids every day.

Throughout my late teens and into my late 30's, my sinus problems got worse. When I was about 38, I saw a tv show where a doctor was explaining the symptoms of dairy allergy. He mentioned that sinus problems and constant mucus in the throat were symptoms. I thought, well I have nothing to lose so I shall eliminate dairy and see what happens. Within three days my sinuses, throat and chest were relieved quite a bit but not completely. So anyway, I have kept dairy out of my diet.

A few years later I read something about about wheat allergy and that the symptoms are pretty much the same as dairy allergy. I cut out wheat and within three days I had almost complete relief from sinus, throat and chest problems. Since then I have only had one attack of sinus trouble where I felt like I needed a sinus tablet. Not bad for somebody that used to take them daily.

While in my late 30's I noticed I was starting to often have very loose stools. I started cutting out spicy foods but after a while other more innocent foods started playing me up.

During my early 40's I started getting a lot more reflux and the loose stools were now replaced by diarrhea. I would also often get candida. I would be ok with some carbs but not with others but gradually I would have to eliminate more and more carbs that I had been ok on previously.
I was also getting a lot of back problems at this time. I had some tests and was found to have problems with a bacteria called klebsiella. Klebsiella feeds off starches and causes problems in the joints of the spine. I eliminated all starches (Including bananas) and my back ache disappeared for the first time in ages. I still have to be careful with my back though because it is easily irritated now.

By my mid 40's I had eliminated dairy, grains, starches and soy. My diet was mostly eggs, meat, fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables. I didn't know of anyone that was eating the same way as me. I followed a link on a fitness message board to a website that talked about some people on something called "The Paleo Diet". I looked down the list of forbidden foods and thought "Hey I don't eat any of those either". I looked at the list of foods that were allowed and thought "That's what I eat!". I found out that I was not alone on my diet and that the diet I was on actually had a name!



on January 17, 2012
at 08:29 PM

I am the middle of three brothers. My other brothers have always been thin. I was a tubby child, wore husky jeans. I spent 21 years in the military, always just barely staying off the 'fat-boy' program. I retired in 2004 and let myself go. I went from 200lbs to 250lbs in 2 years. Ended up with metabolic syndrome. I was on meds for high bp, trigs, chol, and gout. Had fatty liver and pre-diabetes. They diagnosed me hypothyroid and put me on synthroid.

I discovered Mark's Daily Apple and Paleo Hacks about a year ago. Dialed in the diet and exercise. I now weigh less than I ever did while in the military, am stronger than ever before, and am off ALL medication.

I quit taking my synthroid last summer and my TSH level stayed normal. This winter it has crept up and my toes started getting cold and my neck was sore--just like it was when I was first diagnosed hypothyroid. I did a little reading and read lots on iodine deficiency causing sluggish thyroid. Started taking 2 Kelp tablets a day and within 2 weeks, the cold toes and sore neck went away.

I'm thinking that from birth, I have had a slow thyroid and possibly iodine shortage. I am from northern Ohio, in what is termed the 'Goiter Belt'-- a region known for thyroid problems and surmised to be from iodine deficiency.

The military kept me from getting obese as a young adult, but once I was free, I became metabolically dereanged from poor food choices and lack of exercise.


on January 17, 2012
at 08:22 AM

I had trauma through my childhood (worse than some, not nearly as bad as others). I'm certain SAD made me constipated; but the emotional traumas didn't help that either. I was clumsy and broke a bone or two, dislocated things falling down (and up) the stairs. Age 28, I fell into post traumatic stress disorder and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I believe I did have fibro; but my true diagnosis is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, my collagen is defective.

I've always eaten a little differently than the world. As a kid, I would do anything to get out of drinking milk. At 18, I was diagnosed with milk allergy (finally. after western medicine did a biopsy on a lymph node to tell me I had an 'overactive immune system'). Sometime after that, I was diagnosed with a malt allergy. Malt is in almost anything that has flour in it; and it's a common sugar substitute or addition in 'health food' items (energy bars, 'healthy' candy bars, etc.). So, I had very little dairy or grain intake before I ever heard of paleo.

In my early twenties, I was doing things like eating dinner foods for breakfast, because it made more sense to me to have protein digesting all day, rather than while I slept. Then I learned about food combining, and 'fruit before noon' and for years, I ate a banana and a glass of grapefruit juice for breakfast. I still enjoy hot grapefruit juice in the winter. I always watered my juice by about half; in the beginning not only because it lowered sugar content, but because I was poor!

For the fibromyalgia, I got put on tricyclic antidepressants (they cause sleep, specifically 4th stage sleep, which is disrupted in many fibromyalgics) and it promptly added 10 pounds. My weight had been stable from age 13 to 33. I haven't seen that weight since then. A little over a year ago, I couldn't take it anymore. I went to a naturopath and got myself the hcg diet. It's a little extreme, but it worked. Truthfully, it's full of paleo foods, real whole foods and no crap. Just not even close to enough calories. But I wasn't hungry on it, and was able to do it; and 20 pounds in 20 days was an awesome awesome boost to me. It helped they have a green drink with chocolate in it, so I wasn't chocolate-deprived.! I did that in October and gained back most of it over the holidays. I did the diet again, and it wasn't quite as easy.

Then my chiropractors did a de-tox class (which was also an intro to paleo) and here I am. I dropped a bunch in the first few weeks of the class, found Sarah Fragoso and Everyday Paleo; then Robb Wolf, and Paleo Hacks. I'm in a plateau at the moment, but did not balloon up over the holidays in 2011. I also cannot do the recommended exercises because of my joints (I cannot risk hurting myself, and sort of just living my life is risk of hurting myself). My joints come undone at random, because my ligaments are made of fail. My knees are so much happier that I'm 30 pounds lighter, and that I don't eat sugar. If I 'cheat', my joints holler about it!

You know, I did notice that it affected my mind too; though I might be more inclined to say my heart & soul. I was so much more peaceful. It's a bit hard to describe.



on January 17, 2012
at 08:24 AM

Somewhere in there, I also found out my thyroid was low, and I medicate for it and it's a lifesaver. I'm open to that might change, if I get my gut healed and my nutrients balanced. I believe my migraines, while infrequent, are more related to my structural troubles than food.



on January 16, 2012
at 09:09 PM

Wow. I cannot believe you are sharing this. I guess you had to. By the way, just so you know, there is no real privacy on the Internet so...

I have a very boring story. I cannot say I was eating healthy all my life. I have a sweet tooth and I kept eating sweets/chocolate/desserts on a daily basis. It was like an addiction, I could not live without a piece of chocolate.

Then I developed gall stones and before the surgery I had to go on a low fat high fiber whole grain diet. After the surgery I tried to maintain the diet, but I was not feeling better. I was wondering why my dietitian never even mentioned anything about gluten - I had classic symptoms!

In four years I have gotten progressively worse. I had no energy left in me - I was tired all the time and could not even sleep. I thought I was dying from some mysterious illness because all my blood work always came back normal. I even quit my job because I got so sick I could not do anything.

Finally I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant. First I cut out all gluten, and then my stomach started to play tricks on me. Little by little I became intolerant of everything: dairy (lactose), sugar, salt, legumes, starches (rice was the last starch to go), yams, pumpkin, citrus fruit, nuts, oils and a whole bunch of other items. By the end of October 2011 all I could eat was cabbage family, grass-fed meats, blueberries, grapes, chicken and some fish. That's it. Not much, huh?

I did not know what was going on. I wanted to know if it was okay to eat like that. Basically I eliminated four food groups: dairy, legumes, grains and nuts/oils. So I have started to search and found out that yes, it is possible to live like that. And it is just a very strict version of Paleo.

I wish I could say: it did wonders for me and I am now miraculously cured.

Not really. I am still struggling with gastric erosion, I am not completely healed from the celiac disease and I have to be gluten-free for the rest of my life.

But in a way I feel lucky. Lucky to be alive and lucky that I am feeling better on some days. Lucky that I do not have the choice. Lucky that I get to eat great, wholesome foods and I no longer crave chocolate. Okay, maybe sometimes :)

That's my story.

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