Menstrual Cycle & Paleo

Answered on October 28, 2013
Created October 28, 2013 at 1:14 PM

I've only been doing Paleo for 1 week and on the 6th day my period started! I'm on continuous birth control pills and have never had a breakthrough issue until now...this isn't spotting, it's a full blown period. Has anyone else experienced this?

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2 Answers


on October 28, 2013
at 07:14 PM

Yeah this is the only time I've ever had breakthrough/full blown period in the 5 years I've been on the pill continuously; it has to be the change in diet. No coincidence here :)


on October 28, 2013
at 06:07 PM

After being paleo for over a year and still on birth control, I experienced breakthrough bleeding for about three consecutive months. I would have my regularly scheduled period, then two weeks later, another one. It was bizarre. Since then, it hasn't happened again. Occasionally it'll come a few days early but that's about it. There are SO MANY factors influencing a menstrual cycle. For me, I believe it is generally stress related. What else is going on in your life? Have you been exercising? Are you sleeping? Stressed? Sick? It could have nothing to do with your recent change in diet or it could have everything to do with it. Try to take a holistic approach when determining the cause. There are many hormonal factors, as well. Maybe your birth control is no longer working as it should and it's time for a switch. Try not to freak out this time (I know, easier said than done!) but if it continues for months and months, you may want to get it checked out.

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