Excessive menstrual bleeding for long periods of time.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 13, 2012 at 10:55 PM

I've been paleo for almost half a year now off and on but pretty strict the last 3 months. I've been having a problem with my menstrual cycle even before I started paleo but it's been more persistent the last 4-5 months.

It seems like I am having a perpetual period. I just never seem to stop bleeding; when I do it's usually only for a day or two in-between every week or so. It is usually pretty heavy or just regular, rarely is it ever "light", it's like my period is in reverse, a month of bleeding and a week of nothing. I will have clots a lot of times too. I have resorted into buying a Diva Cup because I just was spending too much money on menstrual products because of this, and I was getting worried about using so many tampons and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Since I've gotten the Diva Cup though I can measure my period every day to see exactly how much I am bleeding. Usually it is about 1/4 an ounce give or take every average day.

I haven't yet been to see a physician or anything due to crappy insurance and not having the time or money but I am really starting to worry for my health. It may be a hormonal problem, I have no idea. I just hope it is nothing serious like polyps or anything cancerous.

I am 23 years old and am very obese at around 400lbs, I haven't weighed myself since I started paleo but I know I am losing weight, my body composition is changing and my clothes are getting baggier and baggier and falling off. In all other areas I am starting to feel a lot better but still don't know whats up with my cycle.

If anyone has any insight please let me know!



on April 15, 2012
at 06:47 PM

Jody, please don't let insurance issues get in the way. As everyone has said, see a doctor, and I hope things get better!


on April 14, 2012
at 05:28 PM

PLEASE listen to the advice being given and see a doctor ASAP.



on April 14, 2012
at 12:57 PM

RUN, dont walk, to your doctor! Could be fibroids, when they get to a certain point they can bleed like that or worse, mine also created much more cramping and perpetual periods until one day it was just a gush. Mine were lasered and are monitored but a friend of mine let it go too long and it was cancer. Don't wait, if something isnt right get it checked out, better than finding yourself very sick later down the line.....


on April 14, 2012
at 02:10 AM

You'll have to have a medical person examine you, but this sounds very similar to my experience a few years back with uterine fibroids (tho my bleeding was heavy enough it sent me to the ER a few times). If it is fibroids, you won't be able to fix it with diet or weight loss. Get it checked out ... I put it off myself because I didn't want to deal, but it was such a relief to no longer have to deal with the uncertainty (I even took to wearing Depends for a while).



on April 14, 2012
at 12:02 AM

Highly recommend you see a doctor or go to Planned Parenthood--often they have nurse practitioners on staff who can be really helpful. It's likely that you are estrogen-dominant. As you lose body fat you will release more estrogen into your system, which is why it may be getting worse. Saliva testing is best to check your estrogen & progesterone levels.



on April 13, 2012
at 11:19 PM

You wrote what I was typing up but so much better than I would have. I agree with your answer totally. Jody, you really need to see a doctor ASAP, this isn't normal, it's serious.

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6 Answers



on April 13, 2012
at 11:16 PM

Honestly, I would recommend really pushing for a doctors appointment. I think this kind of excessive bleeding can really do serious damage to your iron and other mineral stores, and may be the sign of a larger, internal problem. It is great that your body composition is changing, and that you are feeling a lot better, but I would be worried that this will be difficult to resolve without seeing a doctor, getting a panel done for some hormones, and just getting everything checked out to make sure there are no issues or anomalies going on in the physical sense. Growing up, my mother had this issue, and it wrecked havoc on her for her whole life until an emergency hysterectomy, and I think dealing with these kinds of problems in the early stages and eliminating other possible complications is a really good idea.

In the meantime, if you are into foods like oysters and liver, I would recommend having them at LEAST weekly to keep up with the hit your iron is taking due to blood loss, and make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin C for optimal absorption. Stay well hydrated, and take note if you are feeling fatigued. It's awesome that using the Diva cup (honestly, my favourite product of all) allows you to measure your menstrual flow. If you can keep a record of your menstrual flow, how you are feeling, how long this has been happening, any other possible changes in your life, when you changed your diet etc, you will be able to optimize your doctors appointment (more bang for your buck!). Also, when describing the diet, my experience with the medical system (am in the process of training to be in it) it is best to not throw the word "paleo" around. Just describe that you are eating a diet with an emphasis on whole food, and what some typical foods are that you would be eating. Because you were experiencing this issue before the dietary change, it may be something unrelated, but it is important to let the doctor know that you have made changed and are in the process of weight loss (which can also change things). I wish you luck, and hope that it can work out that you get in to see a doctor!



on April 13, 2012
at 11:19 PM

You wrote what I was typing up but so much better than I would have. I agree with your answer totally. Jody, you really need to see a doctor ASAP, this isn't normal, it's serious.



on April 14, 2012
at 02:38 AM

DOCTOR. Planned Parenthood, Family Planning, and a multitude of other clinics will do free exams. There is no excuse for not seeking out an exam you can afford and going. This is your long-term health you're messing with and this could be a serious problem. GO.


on April 14, 2012
at 01:03 AM

I agree with everyone who is encouraging you to see a physician.Planned parenthood or county clinic can provide you with low cost treatment.Your story sounds really familiar to me. I was plagued with heavy cycles like you are describing that were due to uterine fibroids.The heavy blood loss can also make you anemic which will make yu feel exhausted,mentally foggy and like crap.The fibroids are benign hell raisers that can be treated with a wide variety of options. Knowing what is going on can alleviate the stress and anxiety I can only imagine you are feeling right now.



on April 13, 2012
at 11:58 PM

I agree that you should see a doc. You may become anemic. I had a friend who reacted like this to birth-control pills.



on April 14, 2012
at 02:57 AM

Go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY. This sounds very serious, you are probably anemic by now!



on April 14, 2012
at 12:10 AM

From your description - you're a heavy girl, you've had these issues for a while, your period never ends, or is prolonged - I can only urge you to go to Planned Parenthood ASAP. You should be tested for both PCOS and endo. These conditions can impair fertility, so you need to seek treatment.

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