Got PCOS? Could caloric intake timing help?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 01, 2013 at 10:38 PM

And, would the impressive results in this study be any different for non-lean women with PCOS?

" In the BF group, a significant decrease was observed in both AUCglucose and AUCinsulin, by 7 and 54%, respectively. In the BF group, free testosterone decreased by 50% and SHBG increased by 105%. GnRH-stimulated peak serum 17?? hydroxyprogesterone decreased by 39%. No change in these parameters was observed in the D group. In addition, women in the BF group presented increased ovulation rate. In lean PCOS women, a high caloric intake at breakfast with reduced intake at dinner results in improved insulin sensitivity indices and reduced cytochrome P450c17?? activity, which ameliorates hyperandrogenism and improves ovulation rate. Meal timing and distribution should be considered as a therapeutic option for women with PCOS."


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on June 02, 2013
at 02:21 PM

Been saying this for a long time. This is why the Leptin rx calls for a Big Aass Breakfast.

The study you mention above however did not check BUN/creat and intracellular mg levels to assess intracellular water status.......this is where the gold is for PCOS. Mag is hydrophilic so without water taking more Mag is a waste of time. It needs water to work on the 56 bio energenic enzymes it works upon.

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