3 big meals or 3 meals with a few snacks for blood sugar regulations!

Commented on August 26, 2015
Created August 25, 2015 at 7:32 PM

Hack me please!! I'm so frustrated!

A little background.. I'm tall, lean ,super active  34 yr. old woman and have been eating Paleo for 2.5 years. My blood sugar is way out of whack (fasting bg 108) post meal bg could be upwards of 150 even after only eating smoked salmon, spinach salad with blackberries. So very few starchy carbs. I can't even look at sweet potatoes without it putting me into a sleep coma. 

I read somewhere (I think Rob Wolff) talking about blood sugar regulation and that your body needs at least 4 hours to complete the entire cycle of insulin reaction etc. Sooo I've been following that strictly and my blood sugar is all over the map especially being that I do pretty intense exercise and will not eat after a work-out unless it's a meal time. I have super highs and super lows. High comes with a headache. Low comes with extreme irritability and anxiety.

Hormones testing and blood glucose shows that I'm insulin resistant and most likely have PCOS. 

From all of my google research and chats with Stefani from the paleo woman (who is so amazing btw). It seems like I need carbs to heal the PCOS/regulate hormones but at this point, I can't seem to handle any carbs at all without jacking my blood sugar.

So, anyone have any idea what I should do? Stick with 3 big meals and just face an entire life of no fruit/honey/sweet potatoes or is there hope to reintroduce carbs to my body?


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on August 26, 2015
at 12:51 PM

Read this material on blood sugar management for diabetics. It might help you.


Basically this is 3 meals/3 snacks a day on controlled carbs and total calorie levels. The objective is to flatten out blood sugar spikes for people that are insulin resistant. 


on August 26, 2015
at 01:40 PM

Ahhhh! Thank you! Will read it today. So appreciate you!

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