2 questions: birth control & hormone-free hormone regulating (lol bad wording sorry)

Asked on March 21, 2014
Created March 21, 2014 at 12:25 AM

I heard that birth control harms the bacteria in your guts, harms your gall bladder in the long run, makes you suicidal, and permanently messes up how you regulate your hormones.

However, I have PCOS and possibly endometriosis (I talked with a nurse and she said I have all 3 main symptoms). I rather not have to rely on birth control forever or put foreign substances in my body if possible. However, PCOS and endo definitely affects my life and trying to become as paleo as possible (without completely stripping my bank dry) didn't help. Yeah I "cut this out cut that out" but seriously, let's be realistic. There's MILLIONS of things I can cut out and I am still cutting things out and re-adding stuff back in. I already have the basic; low carb (not zero carb because women still need carbs), minimal amount of raw nuts, grass-fed/pastured meat only at Whole Foods (I am sure they still eat soy though), cutting out nightshades/grains/cow dairy/processed foods containing sugar. I take my multivites and some herbs too, like caffeine free teas, turmeric, milk thistle, and bilberry. They help (LOVE the milk thistle) but I don't think they're helping enough.

I already tried supplements as well: magnesium, zinc, probiotics (the chilled expensive kind and Primal Defense), vitamin B, MSM, fish oil, FLCO, raw goat kefir/yogurt

I am looking into a mild birth control (like alesse). I am just scared that birth control will make me suicidal, asexual, and fat. Even scarier is that if I try to get off birth control, I'll become even more fat and asexual LOL. I heard things like this happen so I am scared to even start.

First question: is birth control really be that different from herbs that women take to regulate their hormones? There are those who are like "birth control/synthenic meds are baaaaad" but then they go off to take a bunch of "natural" but unregulated phytochemicals. IMO, chemicals are chemicals. How do you know that vitex, maca, neem, or spearmint won't make your body forget how to regulate its own hormones like how people claim birth control would?

I am wondering maybe it's better to find herbs/foods that aren't hormonal in nature, but helps regulate hormones by giving it the proper nutrients to help itself. I am sure that the body's inability to regulate its hormones root from something non-hormone related in the body. I mean, illnesses don't "just happen" or spring out of nowhere. It's probably an abnormal/unnatural lifestyle or environment that's the root. From what I know, milk thistle doesn't have estrogen nor is it a testosterone suppressor, but it helps regulate the liver, which in turn helps regulate hormones. Saturated fats don't put extra hormones into the body, but the lack of saturated fats can overwork the body, causing more cortisol (stress-hormones). Tell me if I am wrong, maybe I am full of shit haha. However I think I got my point across.

Second question: Aren't there any other similar, hormone-free ways that will help the body regulate its own hormones in return? I am sure being stress-free and sleeping at least 8 hours at dark definitely helps, but I admit that my life was (and is) pretty stressful, so even if I am doing everything right diet-wise, I often wonder if something inside me if damaged beyond repair. Why are our bodies so effin hard to deal with!??

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