I've been conned by Jacqueline Rizk aka detox diva aka elegant alchemy. Has anyone else ?

Asked on August 01, 2017
Created March 22, 2017 at 9:20 PM

I paid her for 7 Skype sessions, but she only gave me one. She was supposed to be helping me with my health problems. She didn't make me better and pretended she was discussing my case with the Mayo Clinic in America and the Dr there said I enjoy being sick. I didn't believe her and rang 2 of the Mayo clinic's and was told their Drs only talk to Drs whose patients are also patients at the Mayo Clinic. She's ignored all my e-mails. I paid her over £1,000 and even though she didn't help me and lied constantly to me (she's definitely got NPD) I only want £660 which is the cost of the Skype sessions I paid for but didn't get. She's now changed from nutrition to teaching people law of attraction, which is obviously just more rubbish. Please do not give this woman your money. I'm still paying it off 18 months later and will be for the next 6 months. She knows I'm disabled and I only work part time, but because she's got NPD, She doesn't care. Heartless. 

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on August 01, 2017
at 08:05 AM

I have a different experience; it’s been great working with The Detox Diva (Jacqueline Rizk)

I have been a client of The Detox Diva (Jacqueline Rizk) since last November. When I first signed up with the comprehensive wellness program, I thought I would only have a 1x2-hours & 2x1-hour Skype sessions with Jacqueline, added the privilege of getting her advice by email afterward, for as long as I needed it. But it turned out, I have been having a regular weekly 2-3 hours session for months now. She always called every week, unless she, or I, had other agenda which we could not avoid for the day, then we wrote in advance to reschedule. All my emails in between the weekly session, were answered within 24 hours, which is normal in business standard. With this exceeding-expectation service, she has never charged me for additional fee. In fact, I got a special price from her since the beginning, because she knew I needed the help. Now from this personal experience, I can testify that Jacqueline is one of the most professional persons I have ever worked with, most generous and most kind, also.

Jacqueline's healing method is not a typical one. She did not work with my physical health issue only. Instead, we worked with all aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We went deep psychologically into traumas, blocks, struggles and beliefs. Then, in between, she worked something out for the physical problem. Sometime, she prescribed something herself, other time she consulted friends with the right expertise, before prescribing something else. Since the sessions were more psychological than physical, when working out of what's been blocking my progress, these could feel unpleasant. But Jacqueline has been persistent, and I have been committed, so we just keep working and moving up. We also exchanged life experience, which was fun. This combination method worked effectively for me. I am better now, and continuing to make good progress in all aspects of my life.

So, thank you Jacqueline. You are one of the best. And you are truly a good person. 


on July 29, 2017
at 09:24 AM

You were not conned.  You were given two protocols, neither of which you followed for more than a few days.  You were offered tweaks, vast numbers of emails, were given more than one session, the rest you refused to schedule because you were off to your next person because that is your MO. You were never satisfied to let someone help get to the root.  I have a CLEAR no refund policy because if you don't get the results I keep working with you until you are better!  I tried to tell you this.

I never claimed to work FOR the Mayo Clinic but I have access to doctors (we do have friends and I consider them colleagues because we run in the same circles) that I bounce ideas off of.

You were not CONNED.  You were given the opportunity to come and let me help you but you refused to do anything I asked of you and you were trying so many different things that it was impossible to tell what was and wasn't working for you.


on July 29, 2017
at 01:18 PM

Oh and to speak to your nasty comment about me teaching LOA, I have never made any bones with you or anyone else about being a Master Life Coach (actually certified in this as well) because dealing with anything messy in your life that could contribute to you BEING ill goes hand in hand with treating symptoms.  It doesn't make me a con person.  It makes me running multiple businesses, a business that was sparked out of a tragedy.  I don't feel that lessens the accomplishments I have running The Detox Diva and I am really sorry you feel it does.  

I am not giving you back the money you want because you knew going in that it didn't take you overnight to break and it was going to be a long road to heal you.  I told you I would be there every step of the way and you didn't follow through on anything.  You can lead a horse to water.  You did get much more from me in the way of very expensive protocols and time than you gave and I am only answering this because you reference Elegant Alchemy because you insist that this must make me less qualified as a nutritionist.  It does not.  In fact, it makes me more qualified because to truly treat someone holistically means delving into anything that might hold them back from getting well.  We discussed that at length and you agreed.  This is not a case of me being afraid of you.  I am more than happy to discuss this in a court of law and I am sure my attorney will have no problem exonerating me.  It doesn't make me heartless.  You set out, in my view, to take everything you could from me, not schedule the sessions (which are far fewer than you think you are owed seeing as we had three recorded sessions and plenty of other time in between), and then plead poverty.  Who is the con person?  

The Detox Diva still exists regardless of how many things you throw at me.  I am here for my clients if they show up for themselves. 

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