Parasite or Poor Digestion or What Else ?

Asked on November 02, 2013
Created November 02, 2013 at 9:37 PM

I used to see beige small things in my stool and I had a standard stool test for parasites in a university and it found nothing but I read that the tests were specific to only some parasites and most of the parasites were not detected and searched for a solution and found Hulda Regehr Clark's parasite cleanse. I never did enemas or zapping and I used raw frozen green juglans regia hull instead of green juglans nigra hull extract(they have the same antiparasitic chemical) and artemisinin(antiparasitic chemical in wormwood) capsules instead of wormwood capsules, freshly powdered cloves, ubiquinol instead of coq10, ozonated olive oil, n-acetyl cysteine instead of l-cysteine or free cysteine in potencies and periods not less than suggested and I also used many other antiparasitic herbs and coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds often and I also used a teaspoon Mesosilver colloidal silver everyday for about a month while I was also emulating Clark's parasite cleanse which lasts 21 days. But I saw such beige small things after all that again a few times(not checking everytime) and I also had itching of anus a few times. Do I have parasites ? Do I have to take a test for parasites ? What are the solutions to the parasites if I have them ? If it may not be parasites, what may it be ? Do I have to take a test for it ? Do I have poor digestion ? If yes, what enzymes do I need and what else do I need ? Note: I'm somewhere between strict paleo and autoimmune protocol of thepaleomom nowadays and I saw the beige things and had itching anus with this diet also.

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