Is Virgin Red Palm Oil Paleo and if so, what are the best uses for it?

Answered on October 27, 2013
Created October 25, 2013 at 2:07 AM


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on October 27, 2013
at 03:08 PM

It is good tasty stuff loaded with carrotenoids (hence the color) and fractions of vitamin E - all of which survive cooking due to the high smoke point.

Perfect for mixing in with some turmeric, cayene, paprika, diced onions, garlic, coconut milk, cinnamon, cocoa powder, chillies or serranos, or habaneros, and making a pot of grassfed bison or beef chilli. Very yummy and warming.

It does stain and it does have a strong taste, so use it with care. By itself, i.e. trying to eat a spoonful, is kind of gross. But in the right dish, it's amazing.


on October 25, 2013
at 01:34 PM

Here's some information about Palm Oil:


Looks like it's pretty stable in high heat (smoke point of about 425 degrees F). I want to start using it too, but I don't know if the flavor is strong.



on October 25, 2013
at 11:56 AM

Yes, it's paleo. Get product sourced from West Africa, not Southeast Asia (environmental concerns are somewhat less there). It's a specialty oil though, best used in ethnic cuisines (African, Brazilian, etc). Though you won't eat much if you limit it to that. I make ratatouille with it. Scrambled eggs too. It's rich in tocotrienol vitamin E, with no other particularly rich source available.



on October 25, 2013
at 03:23 AM

Yup. It's a little debatable about what happens to the little monkeys that would be in those palm trees, but, it's a good oil. Great for the E's (lots of different isomers.)

"It smells of violets, tastes like olives and has a colour that blends foods together like saffron, but even all this can’t sufficiently describe its special qualities.”


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