Is honesty paleo? and should down votes be completely eliminated from the site?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created September 17, 2012 at 2:16 AM

Its funny how honesty is considered a virtue, but no one wants to hear the truth!

No where online have I seen this play out more so than on Paleohacks, IMHO of course.

There are a few postings where the truly best answer is the one with the most - points and the most absurd non critical thinking answer that panders to some myopic thought pattern is +10 whereas the - answer might be -3 with 13+s.



on September 17, 2012
at 01:40 PM

It's a fact that one liner quips tend to score higher than well thought out, substantive responses. Also there are some topics whose mention results in knee-jerk negative responses. That's PH.



on September 17, 2012
at 06:30 AM

What is this truth and 'truly best' answer you speak of? I'd love to get some truth, but maybe there are multiple truths...



on September 17, 2012
at 02:38 AM

Our modern virtues are perhaps things like: competition, artful lying and group-think (ie the things held up by society as correct, and things people aim to acheive). I dont think honesty is a modern virtue.

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on September 17, 2012
at 02:24 AM

That "best answer" is your opinion. No, down votes shouldn't be eliminated. And that's my opinion.



on September 17, 2012
at 02:18 AM

Downvote and flag can alert people of really, really terrible advice. And boy howdy there is a fair amount of that. I don't see the problem, it's used on lots of forum style sites....



on September 17, 2012
at 02:21 AM

Example? Which few postings?

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