Have you checked out PaleoCon.com?

Answered on January 26, 2014
Created January 23, 2014 at 7:38 PM

We're launching PaleoCon.com next week, our Paleo event hosted by John Durant -- what do you guys think?

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on January 26, 2014
at 12:29 AM

Excited! Shared it on Twitter, Facebook and with my Bradenton Paleo meetup group. Will every event be at 10:30pm EST?


on January 24, 2014
at 05:25 PM

As a Paleo newbie, I just checked it out as I still have a lot to learn. An online event with many of the "big names" in the Paleo world included in the webinars. Not sure what the other posters were referring to - this event IS in conjunction with the Paleohacks site/owners - and then not unapproved spam, right? ;-)

It is free, unless you want to get the recorded sessions so you don't miss any live events or special bonuses. It DOES support Paypal in that case - $49.99.



on January 24, 2014
at 11:46 AM

I've seen it and I almost paid for the package. You advertise PayPal as a payment method but I only see the ability to enter your credit card information. I'd probably buy it if I could use PayPal...is that going to be added as an option?



on January 24, 2014
at 11:39 AM

Thanks for the promotion - I thought such things weren't allowed here, is there an exception for paleohacks owners? I mean, I feel like I should edit this with "spam spam spam" and close it.

That said, yes, I signed up for it.

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