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Answered on July 30, 2019
Created July 26, 2015 at 3:51 AM

I'm 22 years old, weigh anywhere from 130-135 (fluctuates) and I'm 5'5. It's quite a bit of work maintaining my weight. I have tried paleo eating for awhile but low carb makes working out very hard. My muscles would be sore for days sometimes a whole week after barely any exercise and that was only averaging 150 grams of carbs. I took a break and ate HIGH carb and felt amazing. Dropped weight and felt so good. I've always done refeedsonce a week but it never felt like enough. Now I am back to working out but not fatiguing my muscles and eating 150 grams of carbs. The thing is my blood sugar is always above 100 and below 140. It's high in the mornings (same numbers when I did high carb) and it will be lower but still close to the same by the end of the night. I ate 100 grams of carbs in one sitting and it went from 112 to 124 in one hour and at two hours was at 116. I don't understand. The lowest it has ever been was 91 and I felt tired, once I ate I felt better. High fat meals or cooking with too much oils like coconut oil make me feel bad. I don't get tired from carbs, I feel good from them, but my high numbers scare me. I was hoping a !month of high carb would lower them (due to the whole low carb high blood sugar response) but no matter how I eat, they are the same. The highest number I ever had was 160 after a low carb high fat meal. Weird? To be honest, paleo is so hard and restrictive for me. I can't afford so much organic meat and it takes a lot of veggies and a lot of fridge space to fill up on meat and sweet potatoes. I eat brown rice on occasion, full fat organic yogurt a couple times a week and oatmea. Oatmeal plus fat added to it like ground up flaxseed or almond butter LOWERS my blood sugar. It's only 25 g of carbs for the serving I make, do oats have that affect on blood sugar? I know that means too much of an insulin response.ugh so confusing! I tried 50 grams of carbs but I was afraid after three days my heart beat was doing something weird. Is that a symptom of carb flu? I really can eat however, I love all food and have no addiction to sugaror carbs, don't eat bread, maybe on special occasions, but I really will eat however I am supposed to without being totally broke. Thing is, I'm so confused by myself. I gain weight easily and most people that do,are sensitive to carbs, I feel better with them (I do weight lift maybe that is why) I can't eat more than 300 grams a day, that's even hard to do,I just have a hard time being below 100 grams. No matter what though my blood sugar loves being around 100. My fasting blood sugars are around 135 :-( I cannot afford medical help, I just need some advice based off similar experiences of possible. I am wondering if it is more autoimmune. I wake up with a stuffy head, sneezing, I'm wondering if a high cortisollevel is giving me a high fasting blood glucose. No known allergies though...

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on July 30, 2019
at 06:38 AM

Blood sugar issues happens those who have sedentary lifestyle or little to no exercise. our body is not meant to sit and eat. our body was designed to hunt for food whole day and eat whetever you find.



on July 26, 2015
at 06:22 AM

Well looking around here I realized that certain foods for no reason can affect peoples blood sugar. For the record, I just started eating more dairy. But I did have a serving of cheese once or twice a week prior to my increased consumption. I don't notice a difference in blood sugar with dairy. Or potatoes. Corn chips really spike my blood sugar and I avoid those...soy lowers it, I had a huge spike after lentils.....I do feel tired if I haven't had a meal in awhile and I getgrumpy. But weirdly if I wake up and eat nothing, I can go the whole day without food just fine. I read something about MODY diabetes, does anyone know more about it? There are different types according to the mechanism of their specific diabetes but one that caught my interest stated that some people function better with a higher blood sugar. 

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