Would you change your paleo diet for a job?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 15, 2013 at 10:02 AM

If you were given the opportunity to be a host in a tv show like No reservations with Anthony Bourdain, or just any show that involved traveling a lot, getting to see lots of places and cultures, BUT also having to eat non-paleo foods (traditional and not traditional), would you accept it?

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9 Answers


on January 15, 2013
at 02:02 PM

I would definitely accept a job that allowed me to sample a region or culture's traditional foods.



on January 15, 2013
at 12:46 PM

No, because if I eat gluten I get really sick (even if I'm not a celiac).



on January 15, 2013
at 03:10 PM

I definitely would. Gluten makes me pretty sick so I would avoid it as much as possible. Other than that, I would try all sorts of stuf though!



on January 15, 2013
at 12:38 PM

I would accept it and I would try to be as strict as possible with paleo when out of work, do enough exercise (primal style) and maybe supplement with omega 3, maybe that way you can at least stick to the 80-20 rule and make the non paleo work food the 20, which is still pretty good. If you have severe health issues though, that may worsen if you do not follow a strict paleo diet, I would not accept it or try to discuss it with my employers, they would probably understand as long as your are willing to be flexible and creative so you can find a solution that accommodates to everyone's needs.



on January 15, 2013
at 07:00 PM

If they asked me to host No Reservations or even Bizarre Foods, I'd totally do it.

At least it's not McD's.



on January 15, 2013
at 04:49 PM

i wouldn't risk my health. i'd end up getting sicker because of the job, so working would be impossible anyway.



on January 15, 2013
at 03:39 PM

Depends on the job. I would not accept a job comparable to my current job if they required I eat wheat and refined sugars at every meal.

But for the opportunity of a life time, something like No Reservations, Definitely.

They do 8-12 shows per year. Are you telling me that you couldn't take 8-12 days a year and eat traditional and regional meals while maintaining Paleo the rest of the time and still achieve you health goals? (obviously this comment is not meant for those with medial conditions: celicas, peanut allergies, diabetes, etc)



on January 15, 2013
at 11:37 AM

sure i would. and id let Tony eat all the crap



on January 15, 2013
at 04:40 PM

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