Why are so many Paleohacks ok with butter, milk, yogurt, any other dairy?

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If I am to understand the teachings of Loren Cordain correctly, dairy was not a part of the diet of hunter gatherers. He reasons (jokingly), "Have you ever tried to get close enough to milk a buffalo or a wild elk?" I guess the point is, if you're hunting for animals, you are not raising them in a domesticated setting, therefore hunter gatherers were chasing down wild animals that could not be milked. If hunter gatherers had domesticated wild animals, there would be no need to hunt. Agrarian societies didn't emerge until 10,000 years ago. Our bone structure as Homo Sapiens evolved to its current state without calcium intake from dairy. We derived most of our calcium from plant foods mixed in with small bones from aquatic creatures.

I see many people on this board who advocate butter, milk, yogurt.

I just don't get it.

We are the only mammal that consumes the milk of a different mammalian species other than our own.

That's not Paleo in my book.



on June 23, 2011
at 08:08 PM

I agree with you, people who advocate dairy and don't wanna give it up are mostly just dairy addicts. They crave and feel nutured by the opiate effect, but it's not good for em'.



on June 23, 2011
at 07:45 PM

Well, some of us are more in line with Kurt Harris or Mark Sisson than Cordain. We are the only mammal who has evolved the ability to digest milk proteins after the breastfeeding stage, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50% of us. Some cultures subsist on almost nothing but (see: Maasai). If you don't have an intolerance, there isn't any great reason not to eat the stuff.



on June 23, 2011
at 06:25 PM

Raw dairys good for u ya fool



on June 23, 2011
at 06:16 PM

BAM BAM- click on the "dairy" tag to your right to see similar threads addressing this question.



on June 23, 2011
at 06:12 PM

Hasn't this been asked 572 times?

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