Why am I not obese?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 05, 2012 at 6:20 AM

I've been eating lots of fat, I mean LOTS of it. Like excessive amounts of ghee, coconut oil, meats (that aren't always naturally raised), yet I'm like not gaining any weight and I lost 36 pounds while on this lifestyle.

This makes no sense? Anyone care to explain?



on December 05, 2012
at 02:29 PM

Feeding the troooooooooooooolls.

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8 Answers



on December 05, 2012
at 09:32 AM

Because calorific excess makes you fat, not eating fat?



on December 05, 2012
at 12:52 PM

I'm going to assume this is a facetious post...

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on December 05, 2012
at 06:44 AM

It does make sense, actually; if fats are exclusively all you're eating (and by the looks of your "no carbs" tag), I'm assuming you're in ketosis. You're using your fat stores for energy (rather than glucose) and if you're not over-eating, you won't gain weight. And remember: eating fat doesn't make you fat-- that's one of the basic principles of Paleo.


on December 05, 2012
at 10:12 AM

To put it simply, it's because there's nothing causing your fat cells to hold on to their energy.

I'm going to make the assumption that your not consuming very much carbohydrate (correct me if I'm wrong). The reason is that carbohydrate translates to blood glucose and our bodies want to maintain a certain concentration of glucose in the blood. The main way that our bodies control high glucose levels is our pancreas secreting insulin. Insulin will attach to receptors on our cells and make them suck up energy (fats and sugars) in the blood. If someone has a high carbohydrate diet then the pancreas is constantly releasing insulin into the blood to keep to glucose in check (when his happens it's known as hyperinsulinemia). The insulin is constantly telling the fat cells to suck up energy and not to let anything out and as a consequence you get fat.

You on the other hand don't have hyperinsulinemia so your fat cells are able to suck up energy and let it back out into your blood at the same rate.

I hope that makes some sense. To really understand how it works you have to know how the chemistry and metabolism works in your body.


on December 05, 2012
at 02:42 PM

How many calories are you eating? What is your current weight/height?

You could lose weight eating anything if you're eating less than weight maintenance levels...yes, that includes crackers, tootsie rolls, and liquid crack (soda).



on December 05, 2012
at 02:05 PM

I used to tell my friends the more fat I had in my fridge, the less I had on me.

You are probably in a calorie deficit, despite feeling like you eat plenty. There's plenty of fat in the diet, and very little insulin to keep fat in fat cells, so your body just starts using all that stored energy.

It does feel a bit like going through the looking glass, doesn't it?



on December 05, 2012
at 09:04 AM

I can only testify to the same. Since I started cutting and recently went into ketosis I've only lost weight despite being very lean already (5'9" going from 60kg to 50kg, obviously there is some cyclicality). I have the problem now that I want to gain weight but like you I find it difficult despite eating liberal amounts of fat and to a lesser extent protein.



on December 05, 2012
at 06:43 AM

This is a testimony u should indeed send to Robb Wolf ! Eating this way is physically impossible to get fat this is our human genome this is how our Paleoethic ancestors ate , meat/saturated fats in abundance and remained lean and strong ! Awesome testimony !

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