Whats up with youtube, why is it so hard to find good Paleo videos on there?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created March 15, 2012 at 12:22 AM

Ive always liked youtube. Alot of communities sprout out of it, But when I search for good paleo videos, I wind up with alot of crap by durianrider who seems to be a militant vegan. His videos seem to just overwhelm the search results too. Why is it so hard to find good videos on youtube? CONSPIRACY ANYONE?

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4 Answers


on March 15, 2012
at 04:10 AM

Haha! Well, there is the 'not801010' (that's his username) guy who was recently interviewed on one of Jimmy Moore's podcasts. His viewpoint is decidedly anti-vegan (somewhat in the vein of durianrider's anti-paleo stance, except this guy is markedly less rude and more sane.. and hot). His channel is fairly new, though, so it's a bit bony.

I'm considering starting a channel of my own--not to address solely paleo issues, but I'd like to share my experience and struggle with panic disorder and anxiety & how paleo helped me to overcome those issues. I feel I owe it to those now struggling to offer an alternative approach. (I'll likely be referencing Emily Deans often.) (:


on March 16, 2012
at 04:00 AM

Its a shame you mentioned his name. He is sort of like bloody mary, candyman and a certain politician with two first names. If you say their name three times in a mirror they will appear.



on March 15, 2012
at 05:06 PM

There is a series of "Ask Robb Wolf" videos out there!



on March 15, 2012
at 12:56 PM

The good definitely gets drown out by the bad, because, the reality is that we paleo folk are a tiny, tiny group. Easily outnumbered by vegan activists even. I don't see that changing anytime soon. The vegan message is easily accessible and understandable by the masses, paleo is not.

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