What would a paleo substitute to this video look like?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 09, 2011 at 7:20 PM

"Why iam vegan?" its showing pictures of animal at the beginning small animals a live happy cute. and later animals with in mass farming and slaughtered. People starving in third world countries and people obese in other places in the world.

For wfor a "Why i am Paleo?" this video "cause i care about justice"

How would a "why i am paleo" video look like?

Instead vegan shoes selfmade buckskin wear or primitive skill fur heads. or hapy cows beign slaughtered. or runners hunting. or people trapping. or hunter gatheres running and wlking. or people happy and healthy slim. smilying and sexy and attractive.


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on August 09, 2011
at 07:34 PM

Contrast of factory farms/feedlots with sustainable pastured animal raising. View down processed food aisles in grocery stores versus shots of farmers markets, pick your own farms, people picking up CSA shares. Contrast of an family sitting down to SAD meal with pizza and cokes etc versus healthy fresh cooking and eating. People out playing versus couch potatoes. I would avoid the caveman angle - "selfmade buckskin wear or primitive skill fur heads". Modern hunter-gatherers would be cool.

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