what's the best defense against NAD/SAD?

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Impossible, but here it is, in living color: http://tinyurl.com/stone-age-paleo (1976). We witness as thousands of generations of pure paleo cross ten thousand years of food 'evolution', meet NAD/SAD, and in a nanosecond the victor is declared! So much comes to mind watching this, I'll start off with two. The appearance of these men, women and children of this literally stone age (check the ax) paleo tribe suggests they are supremely fit and healthy, with radiant eyes/skin/teeth and displaying enormous reasoning powers (note: at this first sighting, in the first few seconds, they knew the white skinned beings were ghosts, apparitions). Second, starting around the 9:10 mark we observe, perhaps for the last time ever, the pure paleo body/brain meeting NAD/SAD, (white rice?) and look at the response: a synaptical electro-chemical firestorm that very nanosecond; the men thumping their heads at the site of the brain orchestrating some primeval Hallelujah chorus. NAD/SAD wins by a KO. As we see-it's finger lickin' good. Very uplifting, magical feel good video. At the same time let's be clear, what's the best defense, antidote, kryptonite against NAD/SAD, it's got to be...education? i.e., it's us, PaleoHacks! p.s. more clips on youtube.



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how would you suggest it be rephrased? the question could also be: how does paleo man react to first tasting modern foods? or why does paleo man react favorably to modern foods? and there's a closing question too: how do we best deal with this apparent evolutionary sidetrack into neolithic foods? suggestions appreciated, I think it's a valid question topic and worth discussion.

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