What Motivates YOU????

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 13, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Hi. I went a month straight of eating strict Paleo and then..... I went on vacation! I blew it, didn't stick to Paleo and have had a hard time getting back on the wagon. Sadly, it has been almost 4 weeks since I've been back from vacation and I'm still not 100% committed, like I once was.

I'm wondering if you can share with me about what keeps you going? What got you started? What can I do/think in order to get me going again?

Any help would be appreciated. :( I want to have another child and if I don't lose weight & get healthier, this won't happen. I need to get back on sooner, rather than later. Please let me know your thoughts!

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8 Answers


on July 14, 2013
at 01:20 AM

I find that the more strict I eat the better I feel. I sleep better and have more energy. Whenever I slip, my GI tract tells me loud and clear that I'd better smarten up!! I've just experienced 2 days of craziness because I ate a muffin. Not again......


on July 14, 2013
at 03:22 PM

Goals motivate me! Goals should start off in small obtainable ones that are the building blocks of one large goals. For example, I started with one meal a day Paleo and then one meal and two snacks then added another meal and another snack. In a few weeks I was able to be 90% successful. Just remember not to beat yourself up if you "fall off" and tomorrow is a new day!


on July 14, 2013
at 04:42 AM

I'm doing this as an experiment. A long, expensive, challenging experiment. And there's nothing I hate more than gathering a ton of data and not being able to do anything with it because of some little slip-up in collection. That always motivates me to be meticulous even when I'm tempted to bend the rules.


on July 13, 2013
at 11:23 PM

What motivates me is the desire to Beas healthy as possible. Go back and refresh yourself on why you are doing this, as well as the benefits. Don't focus on what you can't eat but instead focus on all of the delicious food you get to eat.


on July 14, 2013
at 09:59 PM

  • I break out when I eat non-paleo foods. :[ Do it for the SKIN.

  • I'd be eating paleo for a week or two and I might eat a bag of Cheese its... I instantly feel bad. Thats motivation enough for me sometimes.

  • My favorite blogs... I love cooking when I am NOT lazy. If you also love cooking, buy cookbooks OR just browse the internet for nice blogs with nice food porn. Doesn't even matter if it is a paleo blog or not. I read them all. You'll always find lots of non-paleo recipes on a real foodie's blog. (I think)

  • Have any health goals in general? If you want to lose weight, google "Whole 30 log". I like looking at what people ate through their journey's. Gives me ideas and inspiration. If you don't know what whole 30 is, it's just a strict version of paleo for 30 days straight. This would be good, too. If you're on a challenge, there is no way you'd want to "cheat"

  • Never hungry. Never bloat. Nails and hair grow strong. I feel like my teeth benefit, too..



on July 14, 2013
at 07:41 PM

My main reason for starting paleo was for fat loss. Yes, this has been happening. However, there comes a point in time when there is hardly any fat left to lose. Weight loss and maintenance alone are most often not effective motivation in the long run. Hence, many people fall prey to the yo-yo dieting cycle. Weight loss still is a huge motivator for me. However, I also have better sleep as a motivator that is just as strong as the weight loss motivation. Before paleo and when I fall off the wagon, my sleep gets all screwed up. I'm sluggish during the day, and I end up not being able to fall asleep until 2 in the morning. I then sleep until about noon if I don't have to wake up for something. And if I have to wake up for something, I feel groggy. I am able to stay motivated with paleo so that I can sleep well and wake up early, not feeling awful in the morning and throughout the day.



on July 14, 2013
at 04:09 PM

I recently fell on my ass hard in the game of life. Thankfully I've rebounded and will be going back to school for software engineering starting next month. However, during this "adult downtime" I noticed one disturbing trend in my life - I constantly had to ask, or even beg, for things. I had to suck up to HR department after HR department, writing up the most saccharine cover letters and gussied up resumes. I had to beg apartment complexes to accept the unemployment benefits I was receiving from the job I was laid off from as allowable income so I could have a leaky roof over a my head. I had to beg schools around the country to accept me as a second baccalaureate.

It seemed like at every corner I was waiting for a phone call to let me know that a committee had decided that I am allowed to succeed. It was maddening. I had had enough of begging.

Diet and exercise gave me the control over my life needed to keep me sane and sober. I don't have to submit an application to eat right. I don't have to have a phone interview to be allowed to do my workouts. I don't have to provide pay stubs to do nutritional research. I don't have to convince some stuffy academic board that I am worth giving a shot to improve myself.

It is all on me. I have the keys. There is no application process and whether I succeed or not is entirely in my control.

So that cupcake can fuck right off. It's my life and I get to decide that I don't want to eat the damn thing.



on July 14, 2013
at 03:10 AM

What motivates me is the idea that I can (essentially by diet) create an environment in which my body is able to thrive to the point where exercise, activities and success in life are as easy as riding a bike downhill.

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