What can I expect in my first week paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 01, 2013 at 10:48 PM

Day one starts today.



on July 02, 2013
at 12:06 AM

What happened, did Slash go Paleo?



on July 01, 2013
at 11:55 PM

Also depends on how low-carb you're going. Search "low carb flu".



on July 01, 2013
at 11:20 PM

Depends on how much of a transition it is, diet-wise, and where you are in terms of age, weight, physical-activity, cooking ability, etc. In other words: need more data!

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5 Answers



on July 03, 2013
at 04:43 PM

If you are coming from the typical American junk diet where nearly 500 grams of carbohydrates are consumed daily your body will complain when going to a strict Paleo diet where the daily carbohydrate intake is likely to be less than 200 grams, maybe even below 100 grams. Likely short term effects: headaches, brain fog, sleepiness and probably some sort of digestion complaint (constipation, loose stools, bloating, acid reflux). These effects should not persist more than 7-10 days; the body learns quickly to adapt to a healthy diet. But what you encounter might indeed be most unpleasant.

I personally recommend against going Paleo all at once but rather to gradually reduce junk food, excess carbs, dairy and grains over a several week period. This helps to minimize these unwanted detox-like effects.




on July 04, 2013
at 08:21 AM

It will help alot if you plan meals ahead of time and remove all non-paleo foods so there is no temptation


on July 04, 2013
at 06:41 AM

1 week can be difficult for you, may be not. It depends on your body. But don't give up.

  1. You need to plan: If you don’t plan your meals, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Have health snacks such as fruits, nuts, raw vegetables, or left-overs prepared.
  2. You will fall down: Babies fall as they learn to walk. It’s part of the process. No parent ever gives up on their child after they’ve fallen once. Unfortunately, people give up after one fall. Expect to fall. It’s not whether you do, it’s how quickly you get back up. Here’s what happens. You’re eating paleo. You have been going a week strong and feeling great. After a long day of work with stress upon stress upon stress, you come home looking for the quickest stimulus of sugar to ease your mind.
  3. You need to enjoy the food you eat.

This is a few tips, I hope they will be useful.



on July 03, 2013
at 05:10 PM

Brace yourself for a lot of shock and confusion from friends and family and co workers. They are probably going to ask a lot of silly questions. Just be patient and try not to get offended. After awhile things will cool down, then you'll even get compliments about your clean eating habits, improved appearance and your yummy cooking! Expect to be challenged about eating too much fat, or not enough fiber, or missing out on the good ole fortified processed foods~! Learn as much as you can about the science behind this way of eating. Best of luck bill


on July 03, 2013
at 02:21 PM

Hopefully, you'll feel better. Like staceychev noted, it's largely dependent on where you're coming from, as well as if you have any food intolerances that you're not aware of (yet at least!). From what I remember, within a week or two I found that my energy levels became much more stable, my stomach finally settled, and my face started to clear up. However, I was lucky enough to avoid the low-carb flu, so if you don't have the same results, that might be why :\

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