What are your best determinations of health?

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We have seen a person question if the paleo diet "has to be heathy". What I question is your determination of health itself. Let me define health is homeostasis. Nothing more or less. A balance of systems that lead to optimal function. That is my own definition. Its simple, but seems to work in my mind. The question is how do we measure such function? Is there an optimal measurement of hormones, enzymes, blood, brain elecromyelographs, even molecular percentage.....We have no such measurements.

We have measured disease. We can acknowledge and respond to pathology. We study sickness. We tried to learn from dysfunction what normal function is...but that didn't work. How could we define something by only defining what it is not? We can not! At some point we had to define and discover what health IS. That is where ancestral health and paleo diet took hold. It just makes sense. Do you have a better way to measure health than by what life you live? Can you trust medicines current technology? Which medicine or surgery would move you towards health and away from disease?

Sorry to bring my own determinations of health in from the get go. Feel free to dispute and discuss.



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I'll be the first to vote this closed as subjective and argumentative :).

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