What's a subsitute for coconut milk?

Asked on March 09, 2015
Created February 04, 2015 at 3:03 AM

Every paleo recipe I get calls for coconut milk.

I am FODMAPs intolerant and fructose malabsorption so coconut does horrible things to my insides as a result.  I cannot eat any nuts, beans, or dairy without inntense digestive sickness as a result of this.


Please don't give me almond milk as a suggestion, because I also can't eat that.

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3 Answers


on February 08, 2015
at 06:36 AM

My 2 year old daughter is the same way!

i have a really hard time cooking for her bc of her very special limited diet.  

No legumes, no night shades, no nuts, no seeds, no dairy....

BUT she can do ghee and seems to be gaining a tolerance for butter. I usually just add some ghee/butter and a little extra water or bone broth. Doesn't turn anything creamy and white... But it gets the fat content up and adds a bit more flavor.


(ps she is also no coconut, no leafs, no citrus, no to many veggies and fruits.  Sucks).  


on February 05, 2015
at 11:30 PM

Almond milk IS a Low FODMAP food.

You can see for youself here: Low FODMAP diet suggested foods (Wikipedia)

"Dairy and non-dairy alternatives: lactose-free dairy, small amounts of: cream cheese, half and half, hard cheeses (cheddar, colby, parmesan, swiss), mozzarella, sherbet, almond milk, rice milk, rice milk ice cream"


If you have what you say you have, then almond milk isn't a problem.


on February 05, 2015
at 05:21 PM

I'm sorry but I honestly cannot think of a subsitute that is paleo.  Rice milk? It's high in sugar. 

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