WANTED: Recipes using tapioca sticks.

Answered on February 17, 2014
Created February 17, 2014 at 8:06 PM

I just purchased tapioca sticks by Hu Tieu Bot Loc. It looks like bean noodles normally used in Asian dishes. The ingredients are tapioca, salt, and water. Has anyone used this before and could share a recipe or two? I could not find any recipes online using this. Thanks!

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on February 17, 2014
at 09:13 PM

I've never used tapioca sticks/noodles, but hu tieu (the dish + what these are for) is sort of like pho's crazy cousin... It's basically noodles in a pork and seafood broth, garnished with herbs (mainly garlic chives and chinese celery I believe) and meats (pork, seafood, offal etc... maybe eggs?) that vary regionally. I've made a pretty inauthentic version a few times (can't seem to find dried squid for the broth, though pork bones + dried shrimp alone seem to suffice), and I can definitely recommend it. Good way to use various leftover herbs/vegetables/meats as well... A ruminant + seafood stock might be nutritionally superior though (surf and turf hu tieu? could be good... or weird...).

Or you know, if SE Asian food "aint yo thang", you could always pretend that they are wheat noodles, and dress them up with some sort of spaghetti/bolognese sauce... If they are those really wide tapioca noodles, you could try layering them and making lasagna. Maybe a sort of cream/alfredo sauce if you eat dairy. You could also stir fry them (after soaking/cooking/drying out a bit) in your fat of choice + whatever meats + seasonings + herbaceous matter you see fit...

Sorry for being so vague, I don't really have any specific recipes to share haha.

good luck to you!

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