want to help get a paleo wiki started?

Commented on July 13, 2011
Created July 13, 2011 at 5:14 AM

a paleo friend of mine and i are working to create a paleo wiki. it's not because we're true paleo experts, but, quite the opposite, because we need this wiki ourselves to look up specific foods and topics.

one of our goals is to have good sources and links on every page, so that it's not just another opinion but guides people to more information and credible research, as well as any disagreements within the paleo community.

my friend is a software developer, we're using mediawiki, and i think we have a pretty clean and well-structured site coming together. we are hoping to find a couple folks that would like to help us get some of the initial topic pages started so that we when start showing off the site publicly there's some content there to help get things started.

if you're interested in diving in and helping us write some pages about foods, specific conditions, etc, we'd love to have your help! email me at paleo@wstr.org

and if there's anyone who has experience in moderating a wiki community, that would be super helpful, as we haven't done this before. i hope this wiki will be really useful for all aspiring and expert paleo folks out there!


on July 13, 2011
at 06:20 AM

Get it going and publicize the info about how to find it and contribute. The Paleo community will build one hell of a crazy nutrition wiki.



on July 13, 2011
at 05:22 AM

You can write a page about The Primal Raccoon. That's me! I stab things. :)

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