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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created December 04, 2011 at 7:55 PM

Check this out:


Yep, the human brain has been shrinking ever since the stone age.

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on December 04, 2011
at 08:42 PM

Yeah, we've been doing a lot of outsourcing. We outsourced some strength and agility to dogs and strength and power to work animals (like oxen, horses). Then things got really crazy and we outsourced higher cognitive abilities to books, then computers, and the internet. So in a sense, if you include these external sources as part of our capabilities, aren't our brains actually much larger?



on December 04, 2011
at 08:27 PM


It's fun speculation, but we don't have a clue at this point. It could be a positive or negative change, it could be population density, agriculture or a mixture of those. It could be a mutation in our "wiring" that helps explain our ever-increasing reliance on technology.

Or, it could be something we're not even considering.

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on December 04, 2011
at 10:04 PM

Yes, interesting speculation.

If we assume empiricism is relevant, I put my money on neuroplasticity, aka cortical remapping: the demonstrated capacity of the human brain to change as a result of experience. Nutshell: the brain is malleable, "plastic."

The best book I've found is The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge:


Excellent "brain workout software" from a company Posit Science:


Disclosure: I own both the book and software; make good use of both for my personal development. Neither I nor anybody I know have any financial interest in either the book or the software. I'm simply interested in, and pursue actively, ways to keep my brain/mind engaged.

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