vitamin d causing me to break out with acne?

Answered on August 20, 2015
Created April 27, 2013 at 11:41 PM

I've had ms for a while now and i recently started taking vitamin d and fish oil, which have done great things for me. A week after i started taking these supplements i started getting terrible acne on my forhead which i've never had before in my life. I was just wondering if any one has ever heard of this, I've heard if you take iron and vitamin d together it can cause toxins in the liver and i just read this article today about ms and ties to iron deposits in the blood vessels.


also i take neptune krill oil and 10,000 iu of vit D daily

I stay inside a lot of days so i'd imagine that my levels are low.



on April 28, 2013
at 12:31 AM

alright will definitely buy some, I'll post again if it gets worse or better



on April 28, 2013
at 12:30 AM

Squash has beta-carotene, which the body needs to convert to retinol & not all of us do this very efficiently. Liver has retinol--the form that the body uses directly.



on April 28, 2013
at 12:11 AM

i've been eating squash though which apparently has tons



on April 28, 2013
at 12:08 AM

i used to, but i've taken a break. I'll definitely start again



on April 27, 2013
at 11:50 PM

I think fish oil shouldn't be taken, too much PUFA. Vitamin D increases vitamin A requirements, try eating liver once a week, or do you already to this?

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8 Answers


on April 29, 2013
at 09:05 PM

I am an esthetician who works almost exclusively with acne. Approximately 3 out of 10 of my clients who take fish oil supplements develop acne.


on August 20, 2015
at 06:08 AM

My skin was so clear until I started taking Vitamin D3 and in a week I saw huge pimples on my forehead. The ones that grow from within and they look like bumps and they're painful. I havent gotten a forehead pimple in ages and was wondering what caused it until I came across all these comments.


on December 16, 2013
at 09:53 AM

Vitamin A, D, E is accumulated in your body. They make your act of strange. their case had told me Readers digest. Don`t eat pill of Vitamins. You`d like better to eat vegetables and fruits and foods(vitamin d are full in mushrooms, e are in nuts, a too).

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on November 23, 2013
at 12:40 AM

Most isolated fish oil products are rancid because fish oil is extremely perishable, which is likely to be the problem, best to eat real fish to avoid acne. Vitamin D is usually not the problem but if it contains synthetic chemicals and vegetebale oils (which many do for added absorption) you may want to look for one without any oil or man made crap in it just to be safe.


on November 23, 2013
at 12:26 AM

I think that vitamin D3 works like Accutane in some ways 1) It takes some time to see the effects... one month or two 2) there is an Initial Breakout 3) Sebum reduction after Initial Breakout..... "IB" may be evidence that vitamin D3 is working... just like accutane (isotretinoin- Vitamin A retoid form)


on August 21, 2013
at 07:05 PM

I develop bad "teenager" type acne from both Vitamin D (4,000IU/day) taken individually and also in conjunction with Vitamin B6/B12 for medically diagnosed deficiencies.

I've read a lot of contradicting information online including how overloading the body with vitamins makes them hard to process and so the byproducts/toxins come out of the skin to suggestions that they impact hormones which are in turn causing the breakout. Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but is instead hormone, which will definitely affect hormones and possibly acne. "Vitamin D is not technically a vitamin, ie, it is not an essential dietary factor; rather, it is a prohormone produced photochemically in the skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol."

My solution has been to reduce the dosage and add vitamin E and A into the mix.

Hope you find a mix that works for you.


on April 29, 2013
at 07:32 PM

Vitamin D shouldnt be causing acne as I take D3 5000IU without getting acne so the culprit may be in the ingredients it self? I know some contain olive oil so this may be the problem? Olive oil has a tendency to raise Omega 6 but it really shouldn't do supplement capsules as there is small amounts unless rancid?

And with regards to the krill oil, this could also be the main factor contributing to your acne as many people regard the PUFA in their as rancid as many fish oil supplements sit around and degrade over time. IMO its not worth supplementing fish oil as you wouldn't exactly know how long the bottle has been sitting around, what its been exposed to and etc.

Your better off eating fresh fish 1 or 2 times a week to balance your omegas and at least this way, you know your fish is freshly caught. Remember too much of anything is bad and that counts with Omegas as I used get acne if I ate a lot of fish so be careful.

Update us with any new findings! :)



on April 28, 2013
at 12:36 AM

Get your D3 level tested so you aren't supplementing blindly. More info at www.vitamindcouncil.org With MS, you want to aim for a blood level of at least 60-80 ng/ml--and maybe even as high as 100 ng/ml.

The fish oil is likely the culprit. You don't need it as well as the krill oil.

I agree that you are likely D3 deficient & you also need to get sufficient A (retinol)from liver, magnesium from seafood/supplements, zinc from oysters or supplements and K2 from hard cheese or supplement.

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