¿They can guide me a little with my diet?

Asked on February 27, 2013
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First of all I am using a translator, do not write English. :) I hope you can understand me.

Well, to sum ??????up my experience boy I am male, at 17 began a few grains "normal" at 18 was no longer controllable. I went to a dermatologist and I heal temporarily, at 2 months after the problem returned. Research the sugar, candida, I made a apple diet, my acne is reducio, the plan was no longer consume sugars. (Zero acne book) But I got used to my infacia much candy. was a difficult process, remove soft drinks, milk, sweets. Just ate some candy, but I was not very knowledgeable about the high glycemic index of other foods that I ate. When I found out several things like leave rice, potatoes, popcorn, pasta. but do not let them limit. I can say that my diet severely limit my acne is not as severe. However I suffer from acne at 19 and until now I have 20. This year I have been very limited diets and seen as improving my acne but my binges ruin everything and I have to start over.

When I learned that gluten could be another cause, I did free feeding high GI and Gluten for 1 week, with omega 3, olive oil, vegetables, almonds, for 1 week, but before that I decided to make a fast 3 days with lemon. fasting motivated me to continue eating very healthy, I washed my face with pure water and circular massage at night with bicarbonate, dried and hydrated me with 3 drops of extra virgin olive oil 1 organic cold pressing. after 7 days, my skin improved sufficiently, that day I went out wearing my face and hair. haha, no new grain, scars appeared reduced redness also, my acne is on my chin and some leave me in the mouth. Well I had three bumps that are very resistant and have never been removed but it seemed they were in the process of healing, I have 2 cysts (buried balls that look white but point) as I can remove those balls?

Well the eight day, gave me a SWEET binge, my dad made ??????me a fruit, and I could not refuse, all had a little cottage cheese. the committee sitting in front of him. well said this is not going down so badly. but a little later I felt like eating more carbohydrates, went to the market to buy fresh, good tlacoyo of maize and beans. and if I take all afternoon eating. At least did not eat gluten. the next day I appeared only two not so inflamed pimples and began to redden those already. of course I did not like some chantilly I ate like crazy. I had a severe diarrhea, I recovered the next day. I really exedi and smother my body. I'm starting over. I can eat more to avoid bingeing? Fat? of which and how consume.? I thin I need to eat! Help me: '( If there is one food that I have to remove and is gluten did as my first cause. and sugar. I have to leave also almonds solaceas eggs? I do not do that. that boy to eat. I wait patiently for their advice.

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