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So... for those of you who don't already know wrestling is THE sport. It challenges the body and mind in ways that no other sport can. Bottom line. Primal to the max. On top of that it evens the score for all challengers by imposing a weight limit. One that you can be bellow but not above. So these athletes look for the very best in terms of strength to weight ratio. How should they train?

Let me provide some of the obvious...Sport specific training...these athletes will drill maneuvers for approximately 20 minutes and do 40+ minutes of live combat wrestling followed by 20 minutes of conditioning (this is an average from experience) 5/7 days a week. After training what would they do? I personally did double workouts in a day, but I was a sick individual and in all honesty it may have led to some of my injuries. Would you recommend some power one rep sets instead though?

PW would you recommend the same High Carb High Protein Low Fat as you would to a person looking for hypertrophy (assuming bodybuilder) as you would to a person looking for maximal strength/power/endurance at their respective weight class? How would your diet change? Think boxer or MMA fighter weight classes if it helps....?

This is highly specific to these athletes, but I think that a good argument can be made that this is the sort of exercise and "fun" that our ancestors had. So your answers in term of diet are relevant as such. We could throw in the IF as the fact these guys usually stop eating about three days prior to a mach on average. Wrestlers are very paleo :)



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I'm considering a coaching position in addition to my actual day job and would like some opinions.

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