Stopping Paleo for a few months?

Answered on April 16, 2015
Created April 14, 2015 at 9:13 PM

I just started clean eating and have been on paleo for about a month now. Not many ill effects (thank goodness) and loving the way I feel! However, looking ahead to this fall, I am traveling to the Bahamas for 3 months for a study abroad/volunteer service program. Now the problem arises when it comes to food. It is all prepared in a kitchen together, served buffet style for the (about) 170 people who will be there. After talking to the director, it would not be possible for "special" meals to be made for me. They often contain dairy, and sometimes wheat products. It would not make financial sense for them to provide completely different meal options for me every day. While I will make every effort to stock up on the veggies and meats, I need to know how to slowly introduce myself to these now-foreign foods without having an extreme reaction. Should I stop Strict Paleo now and incorporate small amounts of carbs into my diet? Or wait until a few months before to introduce my body? Would love any advice. Thanks for everyone's imput!

by the way, their meat and veggies are organically raised, so no big concerns about that. 

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2 Answers


on April 16, 2015
at 02:41 AM

Great advice! Will definately be doing some research tonight thank you!!


on April 16, 2015
at 02:15 AM

 If you are feeling amazing, I would say stick with it for about another two months, then slowly try to re-enter some food one at a time so you know which ones you can eat or tolerate, and which ones you definitely need to stay away from. Do some research online, and see what are some staple foods in the Bahamas. Maybe ask the program what are typical meals that they serve, and try to make some at home. That's all I have, Congratualtions on this opportunity though! It will be a life changing experience :)

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