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Commented on July 13, 2014
Created June 11, 2014 at 8:02 PM

This may be a bit long winded so I apologise in advance. Me and my partner have been eating paleo for almost two weeks now. Originally it was for the health benefits, and my digestion has improved greatly. However, we noticed some weightloss in the first week and are keen for it to continue.

I just wanted to check with people more accustomed to the diet if we're heading in the right direction. We have scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast with a small glass of orange juice. Later we have a banana. For lunch we have roast chicken with lettuce cucumber and tomato. Although I've stopped eating lunch as I'm not hungry then anymore. And then dinner tends to be chicken or beef with either cauliflower or homemade ratatouille. We still have a bit of cheese in our diet but milk has been cut out.

I just want to know really if anything we eat could hinder weight loss. Or if there's anything I can add to speed up weightloss. I've been on the big side for a long time and am loving the feeling of baggy clothes.



on July 13, 2014
at 01:29 PM

eight loss is a simple formula if you burn more calorie than you take in , you will lose weight. Btw, losing weight is so vague. For instance,. you want to lose fat, not muscle, but your body finds it easier to burn muscles, so you have to convinced it burn fat and not muscle. Bottom line exercize is the key

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on June 14, 2014
at 03:37 AM

Nice job, you pretty much described my summer menu. I stick to the same foods, but stews and things are easy to vary, just use what's new and fresh now. Not sure how you feel about the cheese. My rule is, if it's a condiment, it's ok. If it's more than that, it's not ok. BTW, I have upgraded my ratatouille to jambalaya before by adding the dregs left in my freezer... various kinds of fish, piece of leftover ham, etc... But I think next time, I will just poach the fish or pan-steam before adding to a serving. Fresher fish is better. After a few days, the fish taste isn't as yummy. Live and learn.

People's feelings on bananas vary. They're high in sugar, very high. But they are also one of the few foods that are always safe to eat if you have gut problems


Personally I eat them. My choice and serving size of fruit is so tiny, it matters not at all. I go through 1 banana a week, if that. I keep them in their skins and frozen in a ziplock and eat half at a time if they're large.

You might also consider looking for a ranch that offers mail-order game meat if you're not going to take up hunting. Anyone can learn to fish, but I can't see everyone en masse getting out there with guns... anyway it would make it too dangerous to hunt... we'd shoot each other. It can be a treat at first, but I suspect you'll be hooked.



on June 14, 2014
at 03:28 AM

Welcome! I agree with NZjo and would suggest much more variety in your food - a variety of vegetables, seafood, alternative meats such as liver. Perhaps you were just giving a sample day's menu.

Are you also getting some exercise and good rest/sleep?

Good luck!



on June 11, 2014
at 09:38 PM

Hi - I'd try getting rid of the small glass of orange juice and have an orange instead - get rid of the banana by itself - if you want a snack when you normally had a banana have something else like a little bit of left over dinner or some other kind of snack that's more protein + fat + veges together - rather than a high sugar fruit like banana by itself

Good luck :)

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