Started Paleo, experiencing severe anxiety, added gluten free carbs... Not making it better.

Answered on January 08, 2014
Created January 07, 2014 at 1:03 AM

Hi! I am on my 3rd week of Paleo. Last week, started freaking out with anxiety. I read the forums and found that the adjustment period can cause some problems... Added some gluten free carbs back into the mix. (Rice and potato) Doesnt seem to be working. Should the carbs be glutenous?

As a little background, I already supplement with magnesium, but only a small amount. Not sure if I am "D" deficient, but I don't think so.


on January 07, 2014
at 01:46 AM

Some people believe that gluten by itself can cause withdrawal, but it's not a widely accepted theory. If you were having the common low-carb hypoglycemia problems, then rice and potato should have fixed you up.

What does your diet look like in general? How active are you? How long did you wait before deciding that the carbs weren't helping?

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6 Answers


on January 08, 2014
at 12:31 PM

Yesterday and today are better. The wife and kids did say I was a bit grumpy last night, but I'll take that over the anxiety any day. I added more carbs and more fat. And, I added vitamin-D although I know that's not the reason for my immediate decrease of anxiety.

Hopefully it was an adjustment period, but I do think I am going to keep the friendly-carbs in my diet.



on January 07, 2014
at 08:10 PM

I've found eating fat and protein as soon as I get up helps me a lot. Literally, out of bed and eat during stressful times. Also, if you work out try having some healthy carbs from sweet potatoes or the like. Like one of the others I have also found that if I don't have enough protein I get antsy. Do you supplement with vitamin D? I take 5000 IUD a day, along with some magnesium (natural calm) which seems to help me loads.


on January 07, 2014
at 04:05 PM

I have been eating, mainly, lean meats and get most of my fat from olive oil, butter/ghee, and avacados. Not enough? I guess maybe I should up the fattiness factor in the meats I eat?

I typically don't eat red meat. I don't have the taste for it. Chicken, fish and pork make up 99% of my meat intake. Having said that, I have a few lbs of grass-fed ground beef that I don't mind if I make a dish that's heavy in spices. "Sukuma Wiki" comes to mind. (Look it up... Great dish!)

Anyway, it amazes me that that lack or increase of any food-types can do this to someones body/mental wellness.


on January 07, 2014
at 04:02 PM

When that happens to me, it's usually because my calories and protein are too low. sometimes it takes a few days of increased consumption to really start to feel better.


on January 07, 2014
at 02:46 PM

For me anxiety = I haven't had enough red meat. I have no idea about any science connecting this. Just me. Are you eating mostly really lean meats?


on January 07, 2014
at 01:34 PM

I guess it's been about 5 days since I've started adding 2 servings of rice/potato a day. My meal plan before the anxiety started was, I guess, typical of any Paleo diet: Meats, greens/veggies, olive oil/fats, no "crap", etc... After the anxiety started, my calorie count went low as I lost most of my appetite. Probably averaged 1000-1200 cals/day with the carbs, but also used supplements. Back up to about 1500, but still lack my typical appetite.

Was tempted to grab a piece of whole grain bread last night as my wife and kids still eat it. Fought it tooth and nail just to see what would happen if I ate it. In the end, I grabbed a cup of chamomile and called it an evening.

Still feeling pretty crappy today. Not as bad as it's been, but it'll come in waves. If this keeps up, I am gonna have to try another approach. The last week has been MIS-ER-ABLE!

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