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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 05, 2012 at 4:06 PM

I am just starting Paleo again, and I have a major sugar addiction. I am going cold turkey right now which is pretty rough! I have always eaten protein bars in between meals (Quest bars) to prevent excessive snacking. Is there any sort of "bar" that has little or no sugar that is Paleo friendly?



on November 05, 2012
at 06:53 PM

+1 for quitting sugar! I've done that too. It's worth every bit of effort/willpower.

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6 Answers


on November 05, 2012
at 06:34 PM

These bars from Mark's Daily Apple are quite good and the nutritional breakdown is given at the bottom of the recipe. It has a little honey in it but you could omit it if you wish. Only things that I would comment on are that: 1. not necessary to toast the nuts; 2. the egg can make it a little chewy (but I think we put two eggs in the recipe); 3. don't need to add coconut on top at the end.



on November 05, 2012
at 05:36 PM

Definitely NOT KitKat bars :P (oops, post-halloween clearance sale, not very paleo) Its easy to make a mixture and cut it into bars and wrap individually. I used to do this for granola... but obviously that is out of the question. I just did a search for Paleo protein bars and this was the top of the list:

4 x 50g scoops of 180 protein supplement. 1-2 dessert spoons of carob powder Small handful of diced prunes Approximately 1/2 cup of coconut oil 1-2 dessert spoons of 100% almond butter Takes 5 minutes to prepare

I guess you could use another kind of nut butter... hemp seeds...cocoa rather than carob, dried shredded coconut, sunflower seeds... etc.


on November 19, 2012
at 08:08 PM

1/2 cup of coconut milk whisked together with 1 tsp Rapunzel organic cocoa powder. Done and done.


on November 19, 2012
at 08:01 PM

While I do cheat some with Atkins or Supreme Protein bars (which are really good), when I am home, I use a Nutribullet to make quick shakes and smoothies that really hit the spot. I bought this thing a week or so ago and I am very impressed – works great and is super easy to clean. I toss a banana, a handful of berries, a cup of water, 25-30 grams of On protein powder, and some flax seeds in there and in a minute I have a delicious, satisfying snack or meal in a glass. I also tried one of their recipes which called for romaine lettuce, fruit (I used apple and frozen blueberry and more banana), and flax seeds – and it was surprisingly good.

I never thought I would like greens and fruit together, but I had some lettuce that was going to go bad, so I thought, “what the heck.” What I will say now is that I have had a few more since that one and I am really looking forward to experimenting with a variety of leafy greens, fruits and flax seed combinations. I really do think I feel a nutritional blast after drinking one of these smoothies.



on November 05, 2012
at 06:34 PM

When I started out, I would get the individual packets of Justin's Maple Almond butter and squeeze one down. It's not optimal Whole30 Paleo, but it's really not awful, and will give you a sugar-like kick.

You could also do Larabars, but for 21 grams of sugar average per bar, you might want to try and avoid them. But they can be 100% Paleo (cashews and dates on the Cashew Cookie).

Wow, I sound like a product endorsement.



on November 05, 2012
at 05:34 PM

Quest Bars are the only one's that I am aware of. You could probably make your own for way cheaper, but good luck finding Lo Han Guo at a local grocer.

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