Sinus Drainage afters starting paleo?

Answered on April 14, 2018
Created August 04, 2010 at 8:32 PM

Ok this might just be me. But has anyone else had extra mucous/drainage after starting paleo. I had heard from a natural practitioner that after you cut Sugar/Gluten from your diet and extra yeast candida starts to die off it can create this affect.

Just curious if this has happened to you, or if I'm just having alergies to something I havent discovered yet.


on August 05, 2010
at 12:49 AM

Try a good probiotic!

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on August 05, 2010
at 03:35 AM

My mother got that when I got her switched to paleo. It started suddenly after about 24 hours on the diet. She did not eat anything new that she didn't eat often otherwise. She just cut out the grains and ate a bit more of everything else. She had never been a big fan of processed foods so cooking whole food was not much of a change for her. SHe just had to make some adjustments to her choices. So anyway, after about 24 hours, there was a sudden unleashing of sinus drainage and some rather nasty asthma. But it abated after a few days. Then she felt better than ever and actually from then on had barely any allergies, much less than she had for years. Plus has tons of energy now. THe other day, my mother went fishing and reeled in a huge bass. Then she came home took a shower, and went out dancing later that night. THe next day, she cleaned the fish and we pigged out. That may not sound impressive, but my mother is 73 years old so I think it's pretty cool! Before she went on paleo, she didn't have near that much energy as she does now. Goes to show, paleo can help you at any age!

So yeah, there was something about the ditching of the grains and sugars that did it, but we are not sure why. Could be some kind of toxic flushing, could be candida dieoff, could be chemical changes as she came off addiction to grains, could be body adjusting to more fat burning, who knows! Some say toxins are stored in fat and when you start to lose weight, then the toxins are released. Personally, I have not yet seen convincing evidence for me to put any one of these theories above others or even to say that there is only one exclusive potential cause. -Eva



on August 05, 2010
at 12:22 AM

A change of diet can cause food allergies, which can cause sinus drainage. Did you add any new foods when you went paleo, such as coconut, tree nuts, berries, shellfish, bonefish, etc.? Did you increase your dairy intake (lacto-paleo)?

Alternatively, changes in diet can aggravate gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), which can irritate the sinuses. Have you increased your caffeine intake recently, such as coffee, tea or chocolate? Sometimes supplements such as fish oil can increase GERD symptoms.

Try eliminating all new foods and supplements for a few weeks, then add them back one at a time until you find the culprit.


on April 14, 2018
at 01:30 PM

IUve had this problem for 3 years- and it hasnt gotten better- it got worse

Ive been to ENT , they noted nothing yet ct dental scan showed paritally opacified left maxillary sinus and an almost completley opacified sphenoid sinus

and still nothing has been done about it

it started after paleo- Coincidence?? im not sure

Im looking for answers

I have been put on antibiotics 2 times for sinus infections- But I dont think its that

the stuffiness and mucus wont go away


on November 04, 2016
at 01:12 PM

I have had clogged sinuses for as long as I can remember. I started a zero carb diet (only eating meat and fish) and on the second day I started felling my pulse in my sinuses and as if whatever was inside my sinuses was being pulled out and down towards my throat. I'm now two months in on my zero carb diet and I still feel my pulse in my sinuses. I have now got my sense of smell back(!) and I can now breath normally through my nose. I really feel how my sinuses are being cleared out and It feels great!


on November 21, 2014
at 08:05 PM

Hi, all. I've been more or less doing Paleo for about a month. After the first few days, i noticed incredible amounts of fluid draining from my sinuses. Like really bad hay fever. I didn't introduce new foods because i've been eating whole foods for a long time, but changing the quantities and eliminating the gluten, grains, dairy, and (most of) the sugar are new to me. I'm finally almost back to normal as far as clear sinuses go. I've been a life-long sufferer of hay fever and have a dairy allergy where dairy makes my sinuses run. But for a few weeks it was a constant running nose. I wasn't sick, it just felt like allergies. I have noticed that I have more energy and I sleep better than I have for years.


on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

Does it happen after having fat or just all the time ?



on August 05, 2010
at 07:53 AM

I've experienced great relief from my sinus problems since I cut the sugar and grain from my diet.



on August 04, 2010
at 10:46 PM

Yeah the chronic inflammation levels off; it's great!!



on August 04, 2010
at 09:10 PM

Initially I did, however I think it was literally just things clearing out as I am now allergy-free (used to have to take daily allergy pill in spring and fall) and no stuffiness in my nose. It lasted a couple of weeks.

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