Should I try paleo...if so I'm not sure how?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 18, 2013 at 3:34 PM

I am a healthy 30 yr old male. Trying to lose weight lose body fat and lower my cholesterol. Since my wife got pregnant I gained a lot of weight now I'm trying to lose that weight. I heard about Paleo but I am not sure what I can and can't eat. I read online an there's very opposite theories. What can I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? I am basically focusing on meat, veggies, fruits. But other than that I am not sure. What can I snack on? Can I eat yogurt? Also I have issues with regularity that I heard paleo can help with any suggestions? Any sweets or desserts that I can indulge on while on paleo? Please help me! Break it down for me no scientific terms pls lol...thanks everyone much appreciated...

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on February 18, 2013
at 04:21 PM

Hi Alex. The basic understanding is to avoid dairy, grains (wheat, barley etc.), processed food, sugars, legumes, vegetable oil, starches and alcohol. So what's okay to eat are fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts and seeds (do note that peanuts are not nuts, it's a legume) and healthy fats. :)

It can get pretty overwhelming once you start easing in into the Paleo community what with the heavy amount of literature and cross reference of medical readups Paleo or not - for instance, there is a continuous debate on the usage of dairy in the Paleo community - but don't worry too much about it, the short guide above is roughly how most Paleo dieters go about their food and drink intake.

As mentioned by Janknitz, purchasing a book will be a fast way to understanding how and what to cook. Fortunately, there are also lots of good cook blogs which are Paleo-centric thanks to how the Paleo diet is gaining lots of traction for the past several years.

An easy way to start the Paleo diet: cut out rice, bread, pasta, and sugar. Refrain from fruit juice and go sparingly on dried fruits (they're highly concentrated in sugar). Swap vegetable oil with olive and coconut oil.

If you're interesting in reading up, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Dr. Cordain are individuals whose articles the community is familiar with.

To be fair though, the more you start reading, you will find that in the end it's not about blindly following the OK and NOT OK list. It's not set in stone :) You'll find that there is a continuous discussion also taking into account the level of activity you're involved with and personal goals that you have in mind.

Hope this helps, good luck!



on February 18, 2013
at 03:51 PM

I would suggest getting a book on paleo and following it. Once you follow and understand a particular approach you'll be in a better position to evaluate conflicting approaches if the one you've chosen needs some tweaking. Sisson's Primal Blueprint is a great place to start because its simple, basic, and easy to follow.



on February 18, 2013
at 04:26 PM

I think you can start by ditching processed foods.

Also, you can follow "the Perfect health diet". Google it in images - it is like a giant apple. It is a good visual explanation of what to eat and what not to eat.

Remember that a good meal consists of quality protein, quality fat, vegetables, starches and you can add some fruit to it.

Like for breakfast - bacon (pasture-raised) and eggs, some vegetables (like tomatoes and onions) and you can have an orange or orange juice.

Salad with some kind of meat or fish for lunch.

Meat and veggies for dinner. If you follow the PHD, you can add white rice or potatoes (or sweet potatoes).

If you like milk - make sure to find raw milk. Or get the grains and make kefir out of raw milk. Or keep it out for a day and it will get sour naturally. Then you can make your own cottage cheese. If it is too complicated - just ditch the milk.

Lard and grass-fed butter are good sources of fat. Everybody loves coconut oil except me.

Make sure to eat some vegetables raw.

Berries are the best kind of fruit.

Nuts (raw, not roasted, preferably soaked overnight and dried) are a good snack.

On the Perfect Health Diet you are allowed potatoes, sweet potatoes and white rice. Strict Paleo people stay away from grains.

If you really want some bread, get some sprouted kind, but remember that everything with wheat can be problematic for your health.

If you want to lose weight quick, ditch nuts, most fruit, and anything starchy. Stick with meat, fish and veggies.

Good luck and see how you like it!

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